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DriveWorks Pro 22
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Pro Server

The Pro Server task allows Server Control, New Group Creation, Server Management and Feedback Reporting.

Pro Service Window

Pro Server Service

Pro Server Service allows the connection to the Server to be started or stopped.

Pro Service Service Start Service and Change Log On buttons

The service must be started to allow other modules to connect to Pro Server to access a Shared Group.

Stopping the service is required if you were to:

  • Uninstall DriveWorks Pro Server.
  • Move the server to a new machine.

Starting Pro Server Service

To start or stop the service:

If the service is currently stopped click Start Service to start the Pro Server Service.

If the service is currently started click Stop Service to stop the Pro Server service.

Changing The Logged On User

When you start Pro Server the first time after install or reinstall the user set for Pro Server Service is LocalSystem which often has not got the correct permissions in SQL so you have to change the user.

This can now be done using the Change Log On button situated next to Start Service button. Clicking this button brings this Window up:

Pro Server Service Log On Details Dialog window

Within this Log On dialog you can change the user to the account you wish to connect to the instance of SQL with.

Once logged on press OK to close the window. If the log on exists Pro Server will give you a message alerting you to the fact that the log on changed and the change won't take affect until you have restarted the service

If the log on details are incorrect Pro Server will give the error message alerting you that the user entered doesn't exist.

Feedback Reporting

Enables feedback reporting in the event of any exceptions thrown by the application.

To enable feedback reporting:

Check the box next to Automatically send problem reports to DriveWorks.

Enter a name and email address to automatically populate any error report. Note that the Include personal details in the report check-box needs to be ticked for your personal information to be sent.

Feedback reporting options

Feedback reports are sent to our internal tracking system only.

The reports contain information to allow us to determine the cause of any issue and are critical for us to maintain the highest quality of software.

Your details are not stored or shared with any other party, but may be used for us to give you feedback (either directly or via your software supplier) on the nature of the issue and help to overcome this happening in future.

Pro Server Service Recovery

Windows services allow you to specify how the service should be recovered in the event of failure.

To apply recovery choices follow the steps below:

  1. From Windows launch the Services application.
  2. From the list of local services right click DriveWorks Pro Server [version number] and select properties.
  3. In the Properties window select the Recovery tab.
  4. In the failure options select the action you require in the event the service fails.
    There are three failure options:
    • First failure
    • Second failure
    • Subsequent failures

    We recommend applying Restart the Service to each of the options. However you can select any of the other choices depending on your requirements.

  5. Click Apply and then OK to close the properties window.