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Web Service Connector

The Web Service connector hosts a Web Service that can be used to communicate with DriveWorks Autopilot to create specifications from local or remote web service clients.

Please note that the user running a Web Connector must be an administrator.

Integration Theme

We strongly recommend using the Integration Theme (rather than the Web Service Connector) when passing data into DriveWorks via a HTTP request.

The Integration Theme provides a more robust and appealing experience with more features and a superior security model for this type of integration.

Please see the Integration Theme Help file for more information and benefits.


Connectors send information into Constants or Controls of a specification by name.

Connectors will observe the following behavior when driving data into a specification:

  • If the constant name is found with the same name as the name of the value being applied, then the constant will be driven.
  • If there is a control with the same name as the constant, the control will NOT have its value set.
  • If however there is no constant with that name, but there is a control with that name, the controls value will be set.

Web Services

A web service is a method of communicating over the Internet.

It uses a standardized messaging system that allows data to be pushed and pulled from service to service.

DriveWorks utilizes either XML or JSON to communicate with other Web Services.

Most web based vendors such as Google, Amazon, Twitter and Salesforce provide some level of Web Services.

Web Services can be categorized into 3 levels:

  • Open - Freely available, no account required. Google Maps provide a distance matrix that is an open Web Service for example.
  • Authentication - A valid account is required to use this level of Web Service. For example Twitter allows data to be pushed to a valid account.
  • Subscription - A valid account with an active subscription is required to communicate with this level of Web Service. An example would be to communicate with a companys Salesforce data
Maximum Received Message Size

The received message size is limited to 2147483647 bytes (2GB).


The only setting that requires applying is the Listen URI.

The URI is typically is made up of the following:

Local NetworkExternal Network
  • The http:// prefix.
  • The machine name.
  • A Port Number.
  • The name of the Web Service.
  • The http:// prefix.
  • IP Address of the machine hosting the connector
  • The name of the Web Service.

Your Firewall will need to be configured to allow access to the port used in the Listen URI when on a local network.

For external Web Service connections the default web port 80 will be used. If you experience any issues with the connector please check your Firewall has allowed access to port 80.

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