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DriveWorks Live

General Enhancements

  • Update times have been significantly enhanced by reducing the amount of data that is sent during updates.
  • Wider use of browser caching to reduce the need to download resources (Pictures, DriveWorks 3D files etc.) from DriveWorks Live.

General Fixes

  • DriveWorks Live no longer removes characters (from text boxes, numeric text boxes and measurement text boxes)  in certain situations, i.e. when typing at the same time as an update is received from DriveWorks Live.

New Theme Customization System

Prior to DriveWorks 9, there was a single "Theme" for DriveWorks Live which was designed to be very customizable and look and feel like a web site.

In DriveWorks 9 this theme has been significantly enhanced with:

  • A much improved form updates system which can massively improve the performance of specifying.
  • A new customization system which means that upgrading a customized theme from one service pack to the next should be automatic in most cases.
Learn more about the new Theme Modification

Application Theme

DriveWorks Live now includes a new "Application Theme".

This Application Theme is designed to provide most of the functionality of DriveWorks User with a similar look and feel. It supports the following features:

  • A full Specification Explorer complete with filtering and custom property support.
  • The Specification Explorer automatically updates the information, including documents, about the selected specification periodically.
  • The ability to view specification and model generation reports.
  • The ability to hide/show archived specifications.
  • The ability to add/remove/edit users and teams, if the logged on user has the permissions to do so.
  • The ability to change your own password.
  • The ability open the specification folder for the selected specification if the user is using Internet Explorer.