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How To: Troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS Errors

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How To: Troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS Errors

This topic covers common issues associated with SOLIDWORKS integration.

RPC server is unavailable

This message could be displayed in a Model Generation report or the DriveWorks Autopilot log.

RPC errors indicate a failure in communication between DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS.


  • Network connection failure.

    A network failure would cause a communication breakdown when using the following:

    • A network license relies on a stable connection.
    • SOLIDWORKS files are located on a network location.


    • Ensure the network connection is stable.
  • Out of Memory.


    • Apply a non zero value to the models setting of Restart SOLIDWORKS after, this will allow DriveWorks to restart SOLIDWORKS (clearing the memory).

      When a Specification results in a large amount of models being generated, start with a number of models that represents approximately half the models that will be generated.

      For example if the total number of parts, assemblies and drawings generated per specification is 45, set the value to be 22.

      Monitor the performance and if the error persists, half this value again.

  • Faulty installs of SOLIDWORKS or some of the required components.


    • As a last resort, a repair of the SOLIDWORKS installation should fix any errors directly attributed to SOLIDWORKS.

      However, for faulty modules or components (that SOLIDWORKS relies on):

      1. Check the Event Viewer for more detail on the error.
      2. If ucrtbase.dll is listed as a faulting module:

        Attempt a repair or reinstall of the Microsoft Visual C++ installations using Windows Add or remove programs app.

Event Viewer

To check for errors in the Event Viewer:

  1. Type Event Viewer in the Windows Search bar.
  2. Click the Event Viewer App in the search results to launch.
  3. Select Application from the Windows Logs section.
  4. Scroll through the list of Application events until any Errors are displayed.
    The events will be displayed in date order (recent first).
  5. Select the first Application Error in the list and read the information given in the General tab below.

    Ensure the selected error does relate to SOLIDWORKS (the information will mention SOLIDWORKS.exe as the faulting application.

    If a module or component that SOLIDWORKS relies on is at fault, the offending dll will be listed.

Model generation failed. SOLIDWORKS reported that the document could not be saved due to the following problem codeswGenericSaveError, swReadOnlySaveError

This message could be displayed in a Model Generation report or the DriveWorks Autopilot log.


  • Corrupt SOLIDWORKS document (part, assembly or drawing) files or out of date internal references.

    Sometimes the meta-data within a SOLIDWORKS file can become corrupt. See the solution below to fix.


    1. Open each captured master part, assembly or drawing (experiencing this issue) in SOLIDWORKS and choose File > Save As.
    2. In the Save As dialog, opt to Include all Referenced Components.

    3. Ensure the existing files are overwritten.
  • SOLIDWORKS System Options are preventing the file from being saved.


    • Ensure the settings (in particular the External References) in the topic Info: SOLIDWORKS System Options have been applied on the machine experiencing the error.
  • Files are read-only.


    • Remove the read-only status from each captured master part, assembly or drawing experiencing this issue.
      Open and edit a captured master model manually (without the use of DriveWorks) to see if this is the cause.
    • Folder permissions could also be causing this, particularly when accessed over a network.

      Ensure the user account that is running DriveWorks has write permissions to the folder.

The file could not be opened by the document manager

This message could be displayed in a Model Generation report or the DriveWorks Autopilot log.


  • The SOLIDWORKS Document Manager is not installed.


  • The version of DriveWorks does not support the version of SOLIDWORKS.