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DriveWorks Pro 21
Using DriveWorks Administrator

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Using DriveWorks Administrator

DriveWorks Administrator is used to set up and run your automation projects.

If the automation project requires 2D and 3D engineering data to be produced two applications will mainly be used :

  • SOLIDWORKS - Used to capture 2D and 3D data to drive, and used to run and generate completed projects.
  • DriveWorks Administrator (Project Designer) - Used to create user forms, apply rules and data and to run completed projects.


DriveWorks Administrator appears in the task pane inside SOLIDWORKS, and is used here for capturing models, as well as displaying the forms to create new models.

The add-in inside the SOLIDWORKS task pane shows helper links where appropriate. When you first activate the task pane, you will see a helper link informing that a Group needs to be open. Clicking this link opens the DriveWorks Group Wizard.

For information on how to use the DriveWorks Administrator add-in inside SOLIDWORKS please refer to the SOLIDWORKS topic.

DriveWorks Administrator (Project Designer)

The DriveWorks Administrator Project Designer is used to create user forms, apply rules and data and to run completed projects.

The  Project Designer application is launched by locating DriveWorks Administrator from the Windows start menu.

Additionally the install of DriveWorks includes some tools to assist with:

Group Upscale- Upscale a local Individual Group to a Shared Group.

License Management- View and Return your current Software License entitlement.

Data Management- Manage, Update and Remove data that DriveWorks uses or has created.