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DriveWorks Pro 22

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Release Notes

DriveWorks 21 SP0

Supported Versions


SOLIDWORKS 2021, 2022 and 2023 are fully supported.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 are fully supported.


Continual development to support the management of an enterprise wide deployment.


Microsoft® SQL Server® CE (Compact Edition) is no longer included in the DriveWorks Installation package.

This program is only required for updating individual groups created prior to DriveWorks 19.

See Prerequisites - Databases for more information.

Integration Theme

New settings added to the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file:

fullyQualifiedDomainName - Forces all resource URLs to be returned with a fully qualified domain name.

allowPublicFormResources - Allows public, content-based caching for all form resources (images, etc.). This can dramatically improve loading time.

Single Sign On (SSO) Integration

Integrate DriveWorks Security with Azure Active Directory, allowing users to login to all DriveWorks modules (including web sites running DriveWorks Live and the Integration Theme) using their Azure Active Directory login. Setup and manage using DriveWorks Pro Server.

Usability & UX

Focused visual updates and enhancements add further functionality across DriveWorks.

Form Design

  • All Forms and Controls created, and updated to, DriveWorks 21 are created with the new web-based Form technology.

    This ensures that what you see in DriveWorks Administrator will be what you get, even in your DriveWorks Live web browser.

    Additional support has been added for the application of web styling with CSS to apply advanced browser properties.

  • To compliment this new technology, a new Responsive Form Project Template has been created.

    This creates the CSS file required to style User Forms, and can be copied to use in any existing Project. See How To Apply CSS Styling To A Projects Forms for more information.

  • The Form template - Form Control Toolbox has been updated to use Form Controls that have been styled using scalable vector graphics (svg) images.

    All rules linked to Form Control Layout properties have been removed; making it easier to copy and paste Form Controls from the Toolbox onto any existing Forms.

    Each style’s assets are in their own folder and referenced by a variable; making it easy to move assets and re-reference files easily.

New Functions

  • DWLambda

    Create your own simple or complex formula as reusable functions without creating any plugins or external programs.

  • TableColumnLookup

    Returns a value from one table column based on a lookup in another column, featuring enhanced search capabilities.

  • RoundSF

    Round numbers according to the number of significant figures entered.

  • HashHMACSHA256

    Encrypt values, sent by HTTP, to Hash-based Message Authentication Code constructed from the SHA-256 hash function.

Enhanced Functions

Lookup Functions support a more logical Nearest Match approach when searching for strings.

This applies to the following Lookup Functions:

FsGetUrl now has an overload argument that allows local resources to be returned, to the Web Frame Control, when only running desktop applications, see FSGetURL for more information.

Calculation Tables

A column of data within a Calculation Table can be used in a rule using a Columnar Range reference. This is especially useful when used with the new TableColumnLookup function.

Rule Builder Drill Down

Troubleshoot complex rules effectively by highlighting the evaluation path using the Drill Down tab and Show Rule Evaluation Path.

Image Support

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and WEBP image formats are now supported on form controls that can have an image file applied:

User Interface

Login dialog, Confirmation dialogs and Message boxes have been updated to give a modern appearance and consistent styling.

Specification Tasks

Default values have been applied to the following Specification Tasks, allowing quicker and easier set up:

Default values applied to the following Conditions.


New Specification Tasks have been added to allow users to create, update, and enhance PDF files with DriveWorks.

  • PDF: Markdown File To PDF

    Create a PDF file from a file formatted in Markdown syntax.

  • PDF: Add Page Stamps

    Creates page numbering stamps on a range of pages within an existing PDF file.

  • PDF: Remove PDF Pages

    Remove unnecessary or unwanted pages from an existing PDF file.

  • PDF: Remove Page Stamps

    Remove unnecessary or unwanted page numbering stamps from pages in a PDF file.

  • PDF: Replace Keyword

    Replaces any or all instances of a case-sensitive keyword in a specified page range of a PDF file.

  • PDF: Get Image Details

    Retrieve information about the images inside a given PDF document.

  • PDF: Add Watermark Image

    Adds a watermark image to a specified page range, allowing you to set the margins and position along with opacity and rotation.

  • PDF: Add Watermark Image With Autofill

    Adds a watermark image to a specified page range, automatically scaling and locating the image to fill the page, while allowing you to specify the opacity and rotation.

  • PDF: Add Watermark Text

    Adds a watermark text string to a specified page range, allowing you to set the margins and position along with opacity and rotation.

  • PDF: Add Watermark Text With Autofill

    Adds a watermark text string to a specified page range, automatically scaling and locating the image to fill the page, while allowing you to specify the opacity and rotation.

CPQ DriveApps

  • Updates to CPQ Workflow navigation:
    • New option to stay in the current record when changing Workflow state allowing a user to instead reload the Workflow Project and stay in the current record.
    • Length of time before Workflow is reloaded is configurable via another setting.
  • Inline Custom Fields:
    • View Custom fields in line with the rest of the Add/Edit UI, integrating Custom Field inputs with the rest of the standard CPQ fields.
    • This improves the data entry experience for users and reduces the possibility for inputs to be missed.
  • The CPQ Custom Fields Project Template has also been significantly streamlined to make adding fields associated to a record even easier.
  • Custom Item Linked Items:
    • Multiple linked Items can now be added from a single Custom Item configurator when adding a Custom Item, allowing you to break down large line items into multiple, simpler line items in your quotation.
    • Control what Items are available to add as a Linked Items
    • Both Standard and Custom Items can be added as Linked Items
  • Update DriveApp Start Parameters from Embed Details Project Template:
    • Dynamically control Embedded CPQ start parameters, allowing you to change the properties of the Order dynamically. This is particularly useful for creating a custom Order Name based on DriveWorks rules.
    • Drive which catalog/item should be used when adding a new line item, allowing a more configurable product selection experience to be created in the embedded CPQ DriveApp.
  • Create new Record from a Tile:
    • Launch a new record (Add) for any list registered in your CPQ DriveApp, directly from a tile on your Dashboard.
    • Add new Orders, Accounts, Contacts and many more by clicking one of your tiles
    • This improves the experience for Users, reducing the amount of clicks needed when creating new Quotes etc.
  • Data Sync:
    • Sync Account, Contact and Item data between your company systems and the DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp
    • Sync data on a schedule using a new Scheduler DriveApp Job or trigger data to be synced when adding or editing records directly inside the CPQ DriveApp
    • This allows you to integrate the CPQ DriveApp with the data within your other company systems, without needing a direct connection to that data.
    • This can improve performance, maintainability, and can make it much easier to implement the CPQ DriveApp, as you are using the native CPQ data within the CPQ DriveApp database.

DriveWorks 3D

Improvements to make interactive 3D visualizations, for the desktop and web, realistic and performant


Physically Based Rendering


  • Glow Entity

    Creates a constant glow around a model or a glow that is turned on or off by an event.


Design Automation

New and updated features to utilize the full potential of design automation in DriveWorks