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Quotation Template Document

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Quotation Template Document

DriveWorks contains a Quote Document Template in XML format. This enables the user to quickly set up a customizable quote. DriveWorks will place a copy of the Document in the location of the Project files. This is the file that DriveWorks will use to create the Document.

This Document will create a number of Variables which link in to the Document. Rules can be built for the Variables to customize the Document.

The Quotation Document Template will create a HTML file which is viewable in a web browser.

To Add a Quote Document Template:

In DriveWorks Administrator open the Project the Document is to be added to and go to Stage4: Output Rules then Documents - Files and scroll down to Template.

  1. Click the "Add" button on the command bar.
  2. Choose the Quote Document from the Document Templates List on the Add Document wizard.
  3. Give the new Document a name and click "Finish".

To Edit Quote Document Template:

  1. The Master File Path is the location of the XML Document. If the location of the Document changes then it will need re-browsing to using the Browse button.
  2. The Output File Name is the name given to the newly created Document. Click the Build button to give the Document a name.
  3. The Output File Path is the location where the driven Document will be stored. Click the Build button to set the Document Path.
  4. The Document can also be hidden from the Document List in the Specification Explorer by checking the Hide from Document List General Setting.
  5. To build a rule for a Tagged Element (Placeholder) select an element from the list and click the "Build..." button.
The Document can be Deleted if it is not required by making the result of the Document name return Delete.

Document Variables:

Along with this Document DriveWorks will create a set of Variables which link to the Document. It is recommended that these are used and rules are not created in the Tagged Elements section of the Document editor.

The Variables can be edited the in the Define Variables section. DriveWorks will have created 2 new Variable categories, the common category and also a category with the name given to the Document.

The DriveWorks Logo which appears on the Document can also be changed by replacing the Logo.png image in the location of the Document with the a new image with the same name and format.
The Output File Name will need to be unique if the Document is created in the same location for each Specification, otherwise existing Documents will be overwritten.
If the Output Path is not set then the file will be created in the Specification Folder.

The Quotation Template document is triggered in the Specification Flow by the Release Documents task.

Modifying Images and XML

The images used in the document can be modified by replacing the existing images with your own.

A folder will be created in the Project location with the name:

<Document Name> Quote Document

This folder will contain an image Logo.png and the file Quote.xml and a sub folder named Content.

The Content folder contains the file QuoteTransform.xslt

More advanced customizations can be done if you are familiar with XML and XSLT by modifying the corresponding files in the locations described above.