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How To: Use Filters (KB15111101)

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How To: Use Filters

Filters allow items within lists to be displayed by entering known criteria.

Filters appear in many areas across all DriveWorks products. Filters can be applied wherever the Filter box at the top of a list view appears.

Apply a Filter

To begin filtering the list enter the required criteria into the filter box directly above the list to be filtered.

Lists that contain separate columns can have a filter applied to a specific column using the format ColumnName:Criteria

Column Names that contain spaces to separate words should be enclosed within quotes to filter by that column; "Column Name":Criteria

Please note the following:
  • Filtering is not case sensitive
  • Filtering can be done on numeric values, but not using comparisons (i.e. > or <)


Name:MyProjShows only items containing the name 'MyProj' in any folder
Location:ProjLocshows only items where the file path contains the word 'ProjLoc' but has any name
"Project Name":MyProjShows only items containing the name 'MyProj' in any folder
Project Name: MyProjShows items where 'Project' is present in any column AND where 'MyProj' is present in the project name
"Project Name":MyProj Location:ProjLocShows items where the name contains 'MyProj' AND has a file path containing 'ProjLoc'
Project Name:MyProj Location:ProjLocShows items where the name contains 'MyProj' AND has a file path containing 'ProjLoc' AND both columns also contain the word 'project'
Value:280Shows items where Value contains 280
Value:1000kg AND Name:weightShows items where Value contains 1000kg and name contains weight
Value:f AND Name:fonShows items where Value contains 'f' and Name contains 'fon'
Value:f AND NOT Name:FonShows items where Value contains 'f' and Name does not contain 'fon'
Value:d AND OR Name:sitShows items where Value contains 'd' or Name contains 'sit'

Clear Filter

The Filter can be cleared by any of the following methods:

  • Use the keyboard backspace or delete key to remove the text in the filter
  • Click the cross on the right of the filter box
  • Click the filter drop down and select Clear

Saving Filters

Filters can be saved specific to the currently open Project or as User Filters.

With the filter applied in the filter box select the filter drop down and:

  1. Select Project Filters or User Filters
  2. Click Add Current Filter Text

Removing Saved Filters

Saved filters can be removed by hovering the mouse over the filter, in the drop down, and hitting the keyboard delete key.

Filter Presets

The Filter Bar in the Model Rules task contains presets that will enable quick filtering of common terms.

These include:

  • Dimension - will display all captured dimensions for the selected components
  • Configuration - will display all configurations for the selected components
  • Feature - will display all captured features for the selected components
  • Relative Path - will display all relative paths for the selected components
  • Custom Property - will display all captured custom properties for the selected components
  • File Name - will display all file names for the selected components
  • Instance - will display all captured instances for the selected components
  • Tags - will display all tags for the selected components

To use a preset filter term:

  1. From the Model Rules task, select the components to display the captured parameters for.
  2. From the Filter Bar immediately above the Rule List, select the filter drop down.
  3. Select Project Filers.
  4. Select the required term from the list.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB15111101