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Upgrading A CPQ DriveApp From Beta

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Upgrading A CPQ DriveApp From Beta

This article applies if the Beta version of the CPQ DriveApp (released in DriveWorks 18.1) was used and the data applied is required to be used in DriveWorks 18.2.

Because of some changes that were made between DriveWork 18.1 and 18.2 with the CPQ DriveApp, there are some additional steps that need to be followed in order to upgrade.

These steps are only necessary for upgrading a CPQ DriveApp from 18.1 (BETA) to 18.2.

They are not necessary for creating a new CPQ DriveApp in 18.2 and will not be necessary in future version of DriveWorks.

The steps require you to delete your CPQ DriveApp, and then re-create it.

When you recreate the CPQ DriveApp in DriveWorks 18.2, you will be linking it to the SQL Database from your original DriveApp (rather than creating a new Database).

  1. Make a note of what Database your BETA version of the CPQ DriveApp is using.

    You can do this by editing your DriveApp and moving through the wizard to the Database selection page.

  2. Disable your current CPQ DriveApp (you can come back and delete it later on).

  3. Add a new CPQ DriveApp. When you get to the Database Selection screen, click the option to Use Existing and select the database you noted down in Step 1.
  4. Enable your new DriveApp.
  5. Select your DriveApp from Stage 3: DriveApps.
  6. Check the check box to confirm you have followed the steps in this Help File and click Proceed to Upgrade.

  7. Click Start SQL Setup to finish upgrading your CPQ DriveApp.