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Custom Properties

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Custom Properties

The Custom Properties section provides the ability to capture and create custom properties which you want to drive in a part, assembly, or drawing.

If you have a lot of custom properties in your model, you can use the search box to filter the list of custom properties. You can also tick the check box at the bottom of the list to filter the list so that it only shows captured custom properties.

Capture a Custom Property

To capture an existing custom property, check the check box next to the custom property's name.

Uncapture a Custom Property

To uncapture a custom property, uncheck the check box next to the custom property's name.

If you uncapture a custom property and save your group, the action cannot be undone. Furthermore, if you have already created any rules for the uncaptured custom property, then they will be lost. Before uncapturing a custom property, you may wish to make a copy of your group and projects.

Create a Custom Property

To create a new custom property and capture it in one step, type a name into the create text box at the bottom of the custom properties list, and click "Create"

Special Custom Properties

Certain custom properties have special meaning in DriveWorks:

DWColor (or DWColour)For a part, building a rule for this custom property enables the model's color and illumination properties to be controlled.
DWMaterialFor a part, building a rule for this custom property enables the model's material to be controlled.
DWTextureFor a part, building a rule for this custom property enables the model's texture to be controlled.
DWMasterVersionAllows a specific revision of the model or drawing to be used when using SOLIDWORKS PDM.

The result must be the SOLIDWORKS PDM revision number of the master model or drawing, for example:

  • 0 - will get the latest version
  • 1 - will use the original version
  • 3 - will use the third revision
  • Blank - will get the version in the local view

Get Specific Version for more information.

The setting Ensure latest master models and drawings must not be checked for the above values to be honored.
DWMasterPathAllows the master path of the captured file to be swapped with another uncaptured master file.

The result must be the vault location, name and file extension of the new master file.

For example:


Override Master Path for more information.

If you are coming from early versions of DriveWorks, you may be using Color, Colour, Material, and Texture without the DW prefix. These will continue to work in groups that have been migrated from those earlier versions in addition to the prefixed versions. But new groups must use the new prefixed versions only.

DriveWorks Quick Tips

DriveWorks Quick Tips: Custom Properties

Custom properties allow you to control the custom properties within a part, assembly, or drawing. We can control anything from text to be displayed, to the colour of the part. Here, we control the colour of a chair, as well as the description and title on the drawing.

DriveWorks Quick Tips are a series of 1 minute videos, available on YouTube, that explain specific functionality. View all Quick Tips

Provide the ability to store meta-data within the model or drawing.