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How To: Troubleshoot 3D Preview (KB16113001)

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How To: Troubleshoot 3D Preview

3D Preview running in Autopilot Mode

When DriveWorks Autopilot is used to round trip through SOLIDWORKS to produce 3D content (Autopilot Mode) in a 3D Preview control please use this checklist to ensure everything is set correctly.

  1. Generation Method

    If the issue occurs with OnDemand Generation, switching the 3D Preview Controls Generation Method to Queued will identify if this is the cause.

    OnDemand makes use of temporary SOLIDWORKS files.

    Queued generates the files as if they were actually released, including any Generation Tasks that could affect the result.

    Changing the Generation Method will show if the issue is related to temporary files.

  2. Root Model

    DriveWorks 3D Preview takes the first active model it finds in your model rules. It looks in model rules from the bottom up until it finds a viable root component set.

    A viable component set is a top-level model with a valid file name.

    Component Sets can be bypassed in the model rules tree by setting their file name to "DELETE".

    DriveWorks won't use these models and will move onto the next one

    During the Specification, you can set file names to be delete and then at release time you can switch them back so models generate.

  3. Set the Preview Service Location (DriveWorks Live only)

    When using Autopilot Mode, while specifying with DriveWorks Live, the Preview Service Location setting must be applied in the web.config file. See Configuring the 3D Preview Service Location heading in the 3D Preview Service Location topic.

    This is the machine name that has DriveWorks Autopilot installed which is to be used as the 3D preview service.

  4. Group Content Folder

    When using the 3D preview Box control in Autopilot mode a location must be set for the Group Content Folder (see General Settings.)

  5. Enable the DriveWorks 3D Export SOLIDWORKS Add-In

    Make sure you have the DriveWorks 3D Export add in enabled in the SOLIDWORKS application running on the DriveWorks Autopilot machine.

  6. Run DriveWorks Autopilot as an administrator

    DriveWorks Autopilot must be running as a Windows Administrator. This is so that the 3D Preview service can run and access applications like SOLIDWORKS.

  7. Enable 3D Preview in DriveWorks Autopilot settings

    In DriveWorks Autopilot under 3D Preview Settings there is a check box to "Enable 3D Preview".

    Make sure this is checked on the machine that you want to generate the 3D Preview.

  8. Allow access via port 8900 (TCP) through the DriveWorks Autopilot machine's firewall

    DriveWorks Applications such as DriveWorks Live and IIS request 3D previews through port 8900. If this port is not accessible, then the requests will not go through.

3D Preview does not load in DriveWorks Live

This applies when using the Integration Theme.

When running a Specification in a browser a 3D Preview control does not load the 3D Document.

Please see Mixed Content: The page at '<URL>' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint for more information.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB16113001