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DriveWorks Pro 22

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We have managed to get the following enhancements coded, tested and documented in good time. So we thought we would release them to you!


Bloom is an optical effect where light from a bright source, such as a glint, appears to spread into surrounding objects. The bloom effect adds bloom to bright areas on a model. Given proper settings it is also possible to enhance photorealism using this effect.

See Environment Bloom and Camera Bloom for more information.


Vignette is an effect that simulates the darkening in real-world camera lenses. In Photography, vignette is the term used for the darkening and/or desaturating towards the edges of an image compared to the center. It is often used for artistic effect, such as to draw focus to the center of an image.

See Environment Vignette and Camera Vignette for more information.

3D Preview Control Loading Overlay

The loading overlay, displayed when a 3D file is being loaded into the 3D Preview Control, can be customized with the option to display a progress bar.

This includes the ability to display your own loading image (.gif file).

See Loading Progress Display and Loading Progress Image File Name for more information.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Support

DriveWorks 16 SP2 fully supports SOLIDWORKS 2019, see Info: Supported Versions for more information.

Data Management

The ability to automatically select all components from the included projects has been added.

The choice made is honored when subsequent tasks are run using a configuration file.

The components step can now be filtered to show the components by the project they are used in.

See Pack And Go and Copy Group for more information.

New Functions

New Specification functions added include:

SpGetCurrentState- retrieve information about the current State of a specification.

SpGetState- retrieve information about any State in a specification.

SpGetStates- retrieve information about all the States in a specification.

A new Table function allows a table to be sorted on a date field, TableSortByDate.

The following functions have been added to assist with web service communication:

Model Rules Info Tips

Info tips appear at the top of the Model Rules window when either:

  • No models have been captured to the group


  • No component sets have been added to the project

Clicking on the info tip will take you to the relevant section in the help file, see Model Rules for more information.

SQL Server

Improvements have been made to the connection with SQL Server to ensure optimum performance.