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DriveWorks Pro 22
New Group Wizard

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New Group Wizard

The New Group wizard is used to create new Individual and Shared DriveWorks Groups.

The New Group Wizard can be launched from:

  • The Title Bar (select New Group)

    Once a Group is open, the Close Group option will become available.
  • The Command Bar (click Create Group)

Once either of the above has been selected the New Group wizard will open.

The first task is to select the type of group you want to create.

  • To create an individual group select Individual and click Next.
  • To create a shared group select Shared and click Next.
  • To create an individual group based on one of the templates, select the required template and click Next.

Double clicking an item in the list will select that item and advance to the next step of the wizard.

For information on the differences between the two group types please see the article Info: Individual And Shared Groups.

For information on the available Templates please see Group Templates for more information.

Backup A Group

To Backup a Group use the Copy Group task in the Data Management tool.

Create a Configuration file to quickly import the preferred options for a Backup.


To create a new Individual group, browse for a location for the group's file, enter a name and click Finish.

By default, a new group will be created with a single user called Admin with a blank password, which you can customize when creating your group.

Individual Groups located on a network

When an Individual Group is located on a network, a local copy of the Group file is taken.

The changes are copied to the network version when the Group is closed.

Please see Info: Where To Store DriveWorks Data for information on where to store the data associated to a DriveWorks implementation.


To create a shared group, DriveWorks Pro Server must be installed on the network and the Server Status must be running. For more information see Pro Server Configuration.

To create a new Shared group:

  1. Enter a name for the group and select the server on which to create the group.
  2. Set the Default Administrator User Name and Password.
  3. Click Finish.

Cloud Service Hosting

Shared Groups can be hosted, and created directly in Cloud Services such as Microsoft Azure

A two stage security procedure will follow, for the creation and logging into the new shared group:

  • Allow shared Group Creation. When Finish is clicked the login credentials to allow shared group creation will be displayed. The credentials for this are those entered by the person who configured the Pro Server. For more information see New Group Creation in Configuration.
  • Log into the New Group. Once the group creation details have been entered the login credentials to open the group will be displayed. These are the credentials set in step 3 above.

By default, a new group will be created with a single user called "Admin" with a blank password, which you can customize when creating your group.


The New Group wizard allows a Group to be created based off a predefined template.

Please see Group Templates for more information.