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Create Sheet Images

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Create Sheet Images

The Create Sheet Images Generation Task will save images of multiple drawing sheets.


Property NameDescription
(Name)The unique name for this task.
Images ExtensionThe extension of the images (for example, .png).
Sheet NamesPipe (|) delimited list of sheet names to export. Leave empty to export the current sheet or use an asterisk (*) to export all sheets.
Images FolderThe folder to save the images to (leave blank to use the folder the generated drawing is saved to).
Images NameThe file name of the images (leaving this blank will use the drawings name). Note that the sheet name will always be automatically added as a suffix.
OverwriteTRUE to overwrite the files if they exist, FALSE to keep any existing files.
Specification IdThe Id of the specification to associate the images with.
Zoom To FitTRUE to zoom to fit before creating the images.


When this Generation task is added, some properties are static by default.
See How To: Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property to enable rules to be built on these properties.

Property NameExample RuleExample ResultMeaning
Images Extension.png.pngWill create .png image files of the sheets.

Valid image extensions for drawings include:

  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .tif
  • .dxf
  • .pdf
Sheet Names**Will create image files of all sheets in the drawing.
Sheet Namessheet1|sheet3sheet1|sheet3Will create image files of sheet1 and sheet3 only.
Images FolderWill create the image files in the same folder as the drawing.
Images Folder"C:\DrawingImages"C:\DrawingImagesWill create the image files in the C:\DrawingImages folder.
The task will create the folder if it does not exist.
Images NameWill create images with the same name as the drawing, with the sheet name added as a suffix to each.

For example:

<Drawing Name> <DWSpecification> - <Sheet Name>.<Image Extension>

Images Name"Image"ImageWill create images with the name "Image", with the sheet name added as a suffix to each.

For example:

Image - <Sheet Name>.<Image Extension>

OverwriteFalseFalseWill keep existing files if they already exist in the Images Folder.
Specification IdWill associate all created images with the current specification.
Specification Id2222Will associate all created images with the specification with the Id 22.
This is particularly useful if you have a separate project that batch creates drawing images that require associating to a specification.
Zoom To FitTrueTrueWill perform a zoom to fit on each sheet prior to creating the images.

Generation Sequence

This Task can be added to the following Generation Sequence(s):

  • Pre Drive (will be run before the Main Drive Sequence)
  • Post Drive (will be run after the Main Drive Sequence)
  • Pre Close (will be run before the SOLIDWORKS file is closed)

Warnings and Errors

Issues encountered during the File, Save operation are reported in Model Insight and the Model Generation Report.

Messages beginning with "swFileSaveWarning_" do not cause the File, Save operation to fail. These are warnings that could affect the accuracy of the file being outputted.

Warning status are displayed in orange in the report.

Reporting Level

Ensure the Reporting Level is set to a minimum of Normal, to allow warnings to be reported.

Messages displayed with the status red in the report are errors that caused the File, Save operation to fail.

In most cases the error message is understandable, however the article SOLIDWORKS API Help - swFileSaveError_e Enumeration may give more insight.