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Index of Tech Tips

DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal is available to DriveWorks Pro customers with an active subscription and support contract.

Tech Tips provide cut down projects that highlight specific functionality for faster and more effective learning.

To access the portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your DriveWorks Pro account credentials, if asked
  3. Click the Visit Tech Tips Portal button for access

The portal provides a search facility, start typing the name of the Tech Tip (as indicated above) to display the Tip you require.

DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal

Tech TipDescriptionTopic Links

3D Preview - Dynamic

This Tech Tip demonstrates how to use a DriveWorks 3D Document with pre-created files.

DriveWorks 3D File

3D Preview - Mixed Mode

This Tech Tip combines a number of different 3D Preview methods. It uses static files within 3D Documents along with Previewed Models generated from SOLIDWORKS.

DriveWorks 3D File

3D Preview - Static

This Tech Tip shows a basic example of DriveWorks 3D. A single slider is used to pick drive3d files from a folder.

3D Preview Box

3D Preview

Set up a 3D Preview control on your form, allowing you to display 3D Models on your form.

3D Preview Box

DriveWorks 3D File

Hash MD5

Account Login

An alternative to standard DriveWorks security for creating users which uses a Group Table.

Export Group Table

Hash MD5

Task Editor

Approval Concept

A customized Specification Flow can be used to implement an Approval State for Specifications, so that users specifications must be approved by an administrator before release.

Specification Flow


Autopilot Autostart

Includes a .bat file with instructions to demonstrate how to automatically start Autopilot, open a group and set it to run.

How To: Automatically Start Autopilot

Carousel Control

DriveWorks can be used to create dynamic controls; this example uses Macro Buttons to create a Carousel Control.

Drive Constant Value

Closed Child Specification

A way of completing a Child Specification, pulling data inputted in the Parent Specification, without needing to open the Child.

Create Closed Child Specification


Child Specification List

Condition Editor

Drive Config Specific Dimensions

Use the Create Configuration or Switch Configuration generation tasks to control configuration specific dimensions.

Switch Configuration

Create Configuration

Generation Tasks

Copy Table

Shows how you can copy data from one Simple Table to another, remove selected rows and clear the whole table using macros.

Run Macro In A Loop

Delete Simple Table Rows

Export Simple Table

Create Image Generation Task

This Tech Tip demonstrates how to create images of generated assemblies, parts or drawings using generation tasks.

Generation Tasks

Create Image

Create Reports

Creates an Excel document, which uses a CreateReports macro to create a copy of the document in PDF format, to a location and file name specified by you.

How To: Create A Macro To Run On A Document

Custom Child Spec List

How to create your own Child Specification List control which can be tailored to suit your forms, using a Data Table and Macro Buttons to re-skin it.

Child Specification List

Data Table

Start Child Specification

Invoke Child Specification Transition

Invoke Child Specification Operation

Date Picker

This project shows how to use the date functionality within DriveWorks, taking things such as leap years into account.



Default Value Rule

Default Value and Override Value rules on your controls can be utilized to produce desirable form behavior.

Text Box

Default Value

Drawing Control Generation Tasks

Use the Auto Arrange Dimensions, Auto Balloon View and Rescale and Position View generation tasks to control a driven drawing.

Auto Arrange Dimensions

Auto Balloon View

Rescale And Position View

Generation Tasks

Dynamic Form Controls

An example of how to make your form controls dynamic and responsive to user inputs.

How To Change A Static Property To A Dynamic Property

Editing Table Data

This project shows how to add, edit and delete data from a Simple Table. The methods used in this can be transferred to Group Tables and also SQL Tables.

Export Simple Table

Delete Simple Table Rows

Default Value

Table Get Value

Export To Group And Simple Tables

Demonstrates how to export data from a specification into either a Simple or Group Table for later use.

Export Simple Table

Export Group Table

Frame Control

The Frame control displays a box in which any user form, within the project, can be displayed, which can be used to create tabs which display different forms when clicked.

Frame Control

Special Variables

Drive Constant Value

Form Design

Guest Account

The Specification Flow can be used to provide a Guest account which is able to run specifications without being able to view other user's specifications. It also allows for dealers and distributors with existing accounts to run their own specifications which are only visible to themselves.


Security Settings

Import Specifications

Using either the .tab file or a .xml file provided in the drivepkg, generate multiple specifications at once using Autopilot.

Import Specifications

Condition Editor

Incrementing Specification ID

Specification Settings can be used to create a Specification ID that increments separately for each user.

Specification Settings

Export Group Table

Insert Component Generation Task

This project demonstrates how to insert and define a component using Generation Tasks, and also how to use Looping to insert multiple components.

Insert Component

Create Coincident Mate

Create Distance Mate

Generation Tasks

Insert Decal on Named Face

This Project demonstrates how to insert a decal onto a part using Generation Tasks.

Generation Tasks

Insert Decal On A Named Face

Insert Library Feature Gen Task

This project demonstrates how Insert Library Feature can be applied to your models.

Insert Library Feature

Generation Tasks

Item List

Using a dialog form, Item Lists will take values selected from this form and add them into an Item List control.


Macro Button Selection

Works as a color picker. Select an item and assign it a color by using Macro Buttons to drive a value.

How To Use Macro Argument Property

Special Variables

Drive Constant Value

Measurement Text Box

The Measurement Text Box control accepts numeric values and gives a choice of units, automatically converting the values.

Measurement Text Box

Replace Components

DriveWorks can replace models in a SOLIDWORKS assembly, which can be static or dynamic (i.e. the replacement part can be driven before being inserted into the assembly).

How To Replace An Instance With A Driven Replacement Model

Responsive Forms

When used online, DriveWorks can detect the width of the browser and drive this value into a constant. Form controls can then have their positions and size change dynamically based on the browser width, so forms can be optimized for a variety of devices.

Specification Form

RGB Hex Conversion

This Tech Tip demonstrates how to convert RGB values into Hex values using the ColorHex function.

Color Hex

List Get Item


Send HTTP Request

Look at how to request data from a web service using the HTTP Request task in DriveWorks. You can also look at how to retrieve data from the result using Xpath.

Send HTTP Request


Shopping Basket

The project allows a customer to select from a range of products and specify a quantity. This is exported to a Simple Table and then used to create a summary from where customers can see their selections, and remove an item if desired, before checking out.

Specification Macros

Option Button

Macro Button

Table Filtering

The TableFilter function allows a Data Table to be filtered using other form controls (such as a text box or combo box) so that only the relevant items are displayed.

Table Filter

Writing Rules

Table Functions

A selection of available functionality when pulling data from a DriveWorks Table onto your form.



Table Average

Table Max

Table Min

Table Sum



List All Conditional

Triggered Actions

Triggered Actions allow DriveWorks to wait until a designated file exists before transitioning a specification.

Triggered Action

Autopilot Triggers

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