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DriveWorks Pro 22
Connecting To A Network License

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Connecting To A Network License

This topic will explain how to connect to a Network License that has been set up and activated on the DriveWorks License Manager.

Before You Begin

If you are on a network managed by an IT Department, you may be behind a proxy, in which case you may need to find out your proxy details from whoever runs your network.

DriveWorks License Management must be installed on a computer on the network that can be accessed by each computer requiring to obtain a network license. A network license code must have been added and activated to the Floating License Server (found in DriveWorks License Management) and the Floating License Server service must be running.

See Floating License Server Licenses for more information on configuring the network license server and adding licenses.

Previously Licensed Products

If you have previously been using a fixed license and now wish to transfer to a network license you must first return your license using the License Management Tool.

Connecting to the Network License

The machine using a network license must have a constant connection to the machine hosting the Network License Manager.
The Licensing Wizard displayes the name of the product being licensed in the title bar of the wizard.

  1. Launch the DriveWorks Pro module that is required to use the network license, the Licensing Wizard will launch automatically.
  2. Select Connect to a license server if you have purchased floating licenses
  3. Enter the computer name of the machine that DriveWorks License Management has been installed and is running on.
  4. Click Next
  5. The Licensing Wizard will try and obtain a network license from the License Manager. Click Finish to close the wizard, DriveWorks Administrator will now launch automatically.