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How To: Troubleshoot Pro Server Connection (KB13103030)

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How To: Troubleshoot Pro Server Connection

DriveWorks Pro Server is a service that helps connect DriveWorks modules such as DriveWorks Administrator and DriveWorks Live to a shared group.

A shared group is a database in SQL Server or SQL Server Express.

There is also a Pro Server Configuration Tool that is an application used for configuring Pro Server.

Pro Server supports both SQL Server Authentication modes

  • SQL Authentication
  • Windows Authentication

This article discusses issues relating to DriveWorks Pro Server connections

  • Connecting to DriveWorks Pro Server from a DriveWorks Module
  • Connecting DriveWorks Pro Server to SQL Server or SQL Server Express

Could not connect to Pro Server from a DriveWorks Module

In some instances you may not be able to connect to the Pro Server. Reasons for this could be:

  • Firewall settings on the Pro Server machine.

    Adjust Firewall settings on the machine that hosts the DriveWorks Pro Server.

    To establish if the firewall is preventing access we recommend disabling the firewall on the Pro Server machine temporarily and try re-connecting from the DriveWorks application that is trying to access the Pro Server. If this is then successful re-enable the firewall and check the following settings:

    • Set an inbound rule to allow port 8025 on UDP

      This port is used to allow any DriveWorks application on the network to discover this instance of the Pro Server.

    • Set an inbound rule to allow port 8000 on TCP

      This port is used for the actual data connection to the Pro Server.

  • Pro Server not found.

    Check the machine name of the Pro Server was entered correctly.

    This is only relevant if the discovery port is not open and the machine name is being manually entered.

  • Different DriveWorks Module Versions.
    It is important that the versions of all DriveWorks modules installed across all computers match in both Major and Minor versions.

Pro Server Service Frequently Stops or Shared Groups not appearing in the Groups List

A possible cause for Pro Server stopping is the Pro Server Service User not having the correct permissions in SQL Server.

If you are using SQL Authentication, make sure the SQL User you have registered in the DriveWorks Pro Server Configuration Tool has the correct permissions to the Group (Database in SQL Server)

If you are using Windows Authentication, make sure the Pro Server Service User has the correct permissions to the Group (Database in SQL Server):

When testing the connection in the DriveWorks Pro Server Configuration Tool when using Windows Authentication, the test is performed against the logged in user on the machine and NOT the user that the Pro Server Service is running as.

  1. Launch Windows Services (Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services).
  2. From the Services window locate the DriveWorks Pro Server [version number] service. Right Click and select Properties.
  3. From the DriveWorks Pro Server Properties dialog activate the Log On tab.
  4. Select the option 'This account' and press the 'Browse' button.
  5. Enter a valid user name into the window at the bottom of the dialog and press the Check Names button. This will bring back the full user name.
  6. Click 'OK' and then enter the Password for this user and repeat in the Confirm password field.
  7. Click 'Apply' and 'OK' to apply this change and close the dialog.
  8. Re-start the DriveWorks Pro Server application.

If the problem persists, this may be an indication of a bigger issue, in which case look for an exception report in the Pro Server Exception reports folder located here: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\DriveWorks\Health\Pending

The SQL Authentication User or Windows Authentication User set up in DriveWorks requires the following permissions in SQL Server

  1. Database Lookup - To allow DriveWorks Groups (SQL Databases) to be visible to DriveWorks
  2. Database Creation - For creating new DriveWorks Groups
  3. Database Deletion - If a DriveWorks Group is to be deleted from the Pro Server Configuration Tool
  4. Table creation and updates - mainly for upgrades from one major version of DriveWorks to another
  5. Data read and write - for general DriveWorks/SQL Server interaction

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB13103030