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Returns an Array of Parts, Assemblies and Drawings in the Model Generation Queue.


SppGetModelsInQueue([Top Level Only],[Recalculation Trigger])


Top Level Only is TRUE to only get the top level models in the queue, FALSE for all queued models.

Recalculation Trigger is the trigger to force a recalculation during the running of a specification.

See How To: Force a data refresh when data has changed for one example of implementing a trigger.


SppGetModelsInQueue(TRUE,DWConstantDrivenValue){"Target Name","Target Path","Master Path","Tags";"Flags";"Release Date (UTC)";"Is Generating";
"Cylinder 12","C:\MyDocuments\Specifications\Pump 12\Cylinder 12.SLDPRT",
This will return an Array with information about the Models or Drawings that are in the queue to be generated. This will recalculate if the value of the Constant changes.

Returned Array

The Array is made up of data in the format {"Target Name","Target Path","Master Path","Tags"}

Target Name - The name of the Model or Drawing to be generated.

Target Path - The Full Path to the location the Model or Drawing is to be generated (including name and extension).

Master Path - The Full Path to the location of the Master Model or Drawing (including name and extension).

Tags - The name of any Tags that have been applied to the Model.

Flags - Flagged issues that have occurred during generation.

Release Date (UTC) - The list of dates to sort and provide order status updates.

Is Generating - Name of the current model in progress.