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DriveWorks V15 SP0 Information

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DriveWorks V15 SP0 Information

DriveWorks 3D

One of the main features new to DriveWorks 15 is the work that we have done on Configurable 3D models for use in the applications and on the web.

Improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Model - The ability to add nodes in the Drive3D document

    This means that models can be inserted in to your Drive3D document without being in the master SOLIDWORKS file before exporting to Drive3D.

  • Lighting - Configurable spot, directional and point lighting
  • Textures - Driving textures and remapping texture coordinates
  • Scaling - The ability to scale any model or assembly independently in X, Y and Z
  • Visual and Numerical base position, scale and rotation with an additional rule set for each
  • 3D Workshop – The functionality known as 3DWorkshop has been moved into the Drive3D document in DriveWorks Pro Administrator

Much of the underlying math has been updated to allow these enhancements and a new entity structure has been added. This provides the ability to add and remove entities such as lights and textures to any model and/or model replacement.

NOTE: We have had to make 2 breaking changes to Drive3D documents to allow these important new features to exist.

Both breaking changes have been implemented to minimise disruption or the requirement to change rules, however the following could still occur.

  1. Any rule in a Drive3D document that uses a MyName() function could be broken, depending on which part of the MyName() result is used in the rules. This is because the address of some entities has changed to allow for the new entity structure and lighting options.
  2. In the previous version certain rotations were calculated incorrectly and were inverted. The rotations causing this have always existed but were not viewable before. However they can now be seen in the new 3D document. This means that some existing rotation rules could now be rotating in the opposite direction.
Please check your Drive3D document rules to ensure they are still working as expected. If you do have issues regarding these 2 changes, and you are unable to resolve them in a timely manner, please contact support@driveworks.co.uk to arrange a web meeting. Please do not send us your group or project data.

As ever please make sure you back up your DriveWorks data before upgrading to DriveWorks 15.

We also strongly recommend testing your DriveWorks 15 projects in a sandbox environment before rolling out to production.

Remember we issue NEW license codes for every new release. We do this to make it easier for you to thoroughly test before deploying in to your production environment.

New License codes are sent to your DriveWorks Reseller when each new version is released.


SOLIDWORKS 2014 is no longer supported

Internet Explorer 10 Support

Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported.

Windows Server 2012 Support

Windows Server 2012 is no longer supported.