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DriveWorks Pro 21
Turntable Rotator

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Turntable Rotator

Creates an Turntable Rotator Node with the correct structure in place to allow a DriveWorks 3D Model to automatically rotate once it is loaded in the 3D Preview Box.

When the Turntable Rotator template is added the following node structure is created:

  • Turntable Rotator - the parent node of the template
    • Rotator - controls the speed of rotation, includes the Smooth Rotate Entity
      Move the node of the model(s) to be rotated onto this node to allow it to automatically rotate.
      • Rotation Target - Root\Turntable Rotator\Rotator\Rotation Target

Import Template

To add the template:

  1. Right click on the Root node.
  2. Select Import Template.
  3. Select the required template from the list.
  4. The template will be added to the Root node.