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Copied File

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Copied File

A Copied File is used to copy an existing file as-is into the same folder as the Specification.

To Add a Copied File:

In DriveWorks Administrator open the Project the Document is to be applied and go to Stage4: Output Rules then Documents - Files

  1. Click the "Add" button on the command bar.
  2. Choose the Copied File Document from the list on the Add Document wizard.
  3. Give the new Document a name.
  4. Click "Next" and browse to the location of the file and click open and then "Finish".

To Edit a Copied File:

  1. The Master File Path is the location of the file to be copied. If the location of the master file changes, the location in DriveWorks can be updated can be browsed to by clicking the "Browse" button.
  2. The Output File Name is the name that will be given to the new copied file. This can be built by clicking the "Build..." button.
  3. The Output Path is the location where the new copied file is going to be stored. This can be built by clicking the "Build..." button.

    Please see Info: Where To Store DriveWorks Data for information on where to store the data associated to a DriveWorks implementation.

  4. The General Setting, Hide from Document list is used to hide the Document from the Document list in the Specification Explorer.
The Output File Name will need to be unique if the Document is created in the same location for each Specification, otherwise existing Documents will be overwritten.
If the Output Path is not set then the file will follow the Specification path.

The Copied File Document is triggered in the Specification Flow by the Release Documents task.