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How To: Move DriveWorks Data (KB12121029)

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How To: Move DriveWorks Data

This document provides information on moving DriveWorks Data associated to a group.

Moving an actual DriveWorks group is covered in a separate article. Depending on the group type the articles can be found at the following links:

It is highly recommended that a backup be taken of any data that is being moved, so that it can be restored to its original location in the event of any issues that could occur while data is being moved.


The process of moving data will generally resemble the following:

  1. Locate the existing data.
  2. Copy the data to the new location using Windows Explorer.
  3. Update the location references of the data.
  4. Reconnect any other files used in the project.
  5. Reconnect any DSN's that the project uses for external database communications. 

Locate and Backup the DriveWorks Data

It is important you familiarize yourself with the data to be moved. Understanding which files are required by each project in the group is essential.

The article Info: DriveWorks File Extensions lists all the file types used by a project. The location of the project files can be seen using the Data Management Tool, see Data Management for more information.

Copy the data

Once the DriveWorks Data files have been identified and located, they can be copied to their new destination using Windows Explorer.

Ensure all SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks applications that could be accessing any of the files are closed prior to moving the data.

After copying SOLIDWORKS Assembly or Drawing files we recommend temporarily renaming the original folder the files were stored in. Open each file in SOLIDWORKS and force rebuild, this ensures all references to components are updated in the actual SOLIDWORKS file.

Now the data has been moved and the Group re-connected the file location references in the Group are required to be updated. This is achieved by using  Data Management, this allows the four types of DriveWorks information (see the table above) to be updated individually. For an explanation of how to update the location of the various DriveWorks information click on the links below.

Captured Information


Specification Information

Released Files

Reconnect other files.

Other files that may now be missing that are not covered by the data management tool are listed below:

  • User Form - Images and other file types used in picture box controls on the user forms will require re-referencing if the source file has moved.

Open each user form and select the picture box that needs updating. From the File Name property launch the Rule Builder and update the rule to the new file location.

  • Documents - Any Copied File, Excel Workbook, XML document or Word document used as templates to drive new documents will require re-referencing if the source file has moved.

From the Documents section of the DriveWorks Pro Administrator task pane select a document name and click Edit. Under Master File, Browse to the new path of the template.

Reconnect DSN's

If the project uses any System DSN's to connect to external databases, and these databases have also moved, they will require re-connection.

Functionality in DriveWorks that could make use of System DSN's to communicate with external databases include:

  • Any Variable, Document, Model or Drawing rule that uses the GETDATA function
  • Any Variable, Document, Model or Drawing rule that uses the QUERYDATA function
  • Any user form that uses the Data Grid form control.
  • The ODBC Data Export document type.

When all DriveWorks data has moved to a new machine the same System DSN's that are used in the projects will need to be applied on the new machine.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB12121029