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Triggered Action Settings (for Autopilot)

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Triggered Action Settings (for Autopilot)

The Triggered Action Settings (for Autopilot) is available from the settings of DriveWorks Autopilot.

Triggered actions will not be run if they are released from an Embedded Child Specification. You should control the specification flow of the Child Specification from the Parent Specification if the Child needs to be Transitioned.

Enable triggered action processing

Enabled by default, this setting allows triggered action documents (applied in DriveWorks Administrator) to be processed by DriveWorks Autopilot.

To enable or disable triggered action processing:

  1. With DriveWorks Autopilot open on the machine triggered actions are to be processed, click the Settings icon from the header bar.
  2. In the Settings dialog, click Triggered Action Settings (for Autopilot) from the list on the left.
  3. Click in the check box at the end of the Enable triggered action processing field.
Load Balancing

Load balancing is the ability to process tasks across multiple DriveWorks Autopilot machines.

Load balancing ensures that when a task is picked up to be processed by one DriveWorks Autopilot, then another DriveWorks Autopilot will not try and process the same task.

Load balancing is only supported on Shared Groups.


Tagging is the ability to target DriveWorks Autopilot to process a specific task.

See Autopilot for more information.

Maximum retries per triggered action

The number of times Autopilot will retry execution of a triggered action before flagging it as failed and moving on to the next action.

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