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CPQ Embedded Order

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CPQ Embedded Order

This Template allows the customization of the 'shopping cart' portion of a CPQ DriveApp that is shown using an embedded entry point.

By default, this Template will work in exactly the same way as the standard shopping cart section of the embedded entry point.

This Template allow you to customize your User Interface, so that it can be styled to match an existing website.

The functionality of the Project can also be updated, for instance if you want to link to an external CRM system.

Accessing Order Data

Most of the data that you will need from CPQ is passed into the Template via Constants, and then refined further via a set of Variables.

Explore the DriveAppData Variable Category to find what data you need for your customizations.

Creating a new Embedded Order Project

  1. Create a new Project from the CPQ Embed Order template.
  2. Open the Project in DriveWorks Administrator.

You can now make changes to the Project to customize it to your needs. When you are ready to test you Project, follow the Steps below to integrate it into the CPQ DriveApp.

Instruct the CPQ DriveApp to use the new Project

  1. In the CPQ DriveApp, click the Settings icon and select CPQ Settings.
  2. Select the Orders tab and check the check box alongside Custom Embed Project Required.
  3. Select the newly created Project from the Combo Box that appears.
  4. Click Save to save the changes.

To test the Project, open a CPQ DriveApp which uses an embedded entry point. The start parameter value 'ShowDetails' must also be set to TRUE.

For more information on how to create an embedded entry point for a CPQ DriveApp see this Help File topic.