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DriveWorks Pro 21
Introduction to the DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp

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Introduction to the DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp

The DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp has been created to make it easy for manufacturing companies to quickly leverage the benefits of online selling using Configure Price Quote.

The CPQ DriveApp gives DriveWorks user instant access to functionality for creating and managing quotes and orders for their configurarble and standard products.

The Technology Stack that makes up DriveWorks Pro makes it an ideal platform for CPQ. You can also utilize all of the great features of DriveWorks to customize and add to the CPQ DriveApp.

CPQ DriveApp Functionality

DriveApps give you out of the box functioality to aid with development and deployment. The CPQ DriveApp gives users a platform for creating custom quotations for their configurable products that they are automating using DriveWorks.

The CPQ DriveApp includes functionality for:

  • Administering Account and Contact Information - including address data
  • Managing Standard and Custom Items data
  • Creating and customizing a permissions based Catalog
  • Storing Currency data for pricing calculations
  • Setting up Price Lists for different item pricing
  • Creating and managing custom quotations and orders
  • Producing customized quotation documents and other sales documentation
  • Synchronizing Account, Contact and Item data with Third Party systems.

CPQ for Manufacturing

The CPQ DriveApp allows you to link configurators built using DriveWorks Pro into an item catalog. These custom products can then be specified as part of a custom CPQ quotation.

Whilst the CPQ DriveApp is responsible for creating and managing sales documentation, your DriveWorks product configurator can automate the creation of all of the manufacturing data needed to manufacture the product.

This creates a seamless link between the customer, the sales team and manufacturing.

Using the CPQ DriveApp

The CPQ can be used in many different ways, depending on a users role within a company.

Use the links below to explore how the CPQ DriveApp can be used: