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DriveWorks Pro 19
How To: Troubleshoot IIS (KB16081601)

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Required Windows Features

Please ensure that the following Windows Features are enabled, as shown in the image below.

The Windows Features menu can be found under Programs and Features in the Control panel.

Ensure the user has the correct administrative privileges before attempting these changes.

Troubleshoot IIS

The following error messages are displayed in the browser when running DriveWorks Live through IIS.

A problem occurred during preview generation

This message is displayed when DriveWorks Autopilot is running under a user that does not have administrative access.

DriveWorks Autopilot must be running as a Windows Administrator.

This is so that the 3D Preview service can run and access applications like SOLIDWORKS.

To resolve:

  1. Ensure DriveWorks Autopilot is not currently running.
  2. Locate the DriveWorks Autopilot launch icon from Windows start menu> All programs> DriveWorks <Version and Service Pack Number>.
  3. Hold down Shift key and Right click the icon.
  4. Select Run as administrator.

Project Could Not Be Loaded

This is commonly cause by Plugins not being accessible on the IIS server.

To resolve:

All Plugins used within a Project should be installed (for all users) on the server hosting IIS.

Error - The required folder does not exist

This message is caused by the Application Pool Identity not having permission to access the Default Specification Folder.

To resolve:

Give read/write permissions, to the identity set in the Application Pool Identity field, for the Default Specification Folder.

To check the Application Pool Identity please see the following:

HTTP Error 500.19 (also 500.21) - Internal Server Error

If you see the page above when loading your site, it may be due to ASP.NET not being turned on or registered incorrectly.

To resolve:

The browser you are using isn't compatible with this DriveWorks Live Skin

When running any of the available Skins, of the DriveWorks Live Web Theme, through IIS the following page may be displayed:

This is caused by missing options in the IIS set up.

Ensure the IIS feature - Common HTTP Features is selected in the IIS set up.

Please see How To: Install Internet Information Services (IIS) for the full list of required options.

IIS Connection Limit on Windows 10

When running DriveWorks Live through IIS on a Windows 10 machine, only 8 connections are allowed (IIS uses 1 or 2 connections itself).

If you use DriveWorks Live through IIS and have 8 or more licenses (a 10 license pack for example), we recommend using a supported Windows Server OS.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB16081601

See also How To: Configure DriveWorks Live For IIS