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This function returns a table containing the Transform values of a Node in the current 3D Preview Document being displayed in the given 3D Preview Control.

Please see DriveWorks 3D File for more information on the Transform values of a Node.


PreviewGetNodeTransform( [Preview Control Name], [Target Node Address] )


Preview Control Name is the name of the 3D Preview Control from which to get the nodes transform. The 3D Preview Control name must be entered as a string (within quotes " ") and not include any suffix (Return, Enabled, etc.).

Target Node Address is the address of the Node for which to find the Transform values.


PreviewGetNodeTransform("PreviewControl1","Root\ModelA")Will return a table array as below:

{"X Position","Y Position","Z Position","X Rotation","Y Rotation","Z Rotation","X Scale","Y Scale","Z Scale";0,0,0,360,360,360,1,1,1}