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DriveWorks 3D File

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DriveWorks 3D File

Components in DriveWorks 3D files can be moved and rotated by rules.

This offers greater real time manipulation and exceptional performance for files being previewed in the 3D Preview control, either locally or in a browser.

To apply position and rotation rules the following must have been completed:

  • Capture the component or component group to be repositioned.
  • Create a DriveWorks 3D File document that uses the DriveWorks 3D Workshop file.

With the DriveWorks 3D File document open for edit in DriveWorks Administrator:

  1. From the Captured Properties section expand the captured components tree.
  2. Select the property from the Property View on the right and click Build.

  3. Create the rule or apply a value in the usual way using the rule builder.
Determine the linear and rotational direction by testing the file in DriveWorks 3D Workshop.

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