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How To: Modify the Update Interval In DriveWorks Live (KB12121027)

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The Update Interval is the time in seconds that DriveWorks Live will wait after a user has stopped typing before updating the form.

For example, if a user pauses part way through entering data into a control the data entered at that point will be applied.

Tabbing out of a control, or clicking into a different control will always cause the update to happen immediately.

When the update interval is set to 0 (zero) DriveWorks Live will not update until the user tabs or clicks into a different control.

This affects the following control types:

  • Text Box
  • Numeric Text Box
  • Measurement Text Box

The Update Interval is automatically set to 0.8 (text box) or 1.5 (measurement and numeric text box) seconds in any new DriveWorks Live theme.

To Modify the Update Interval

  1. Browse to the location where the DriveWorks Live theme has been created.
  2. From this location open the \Web\content\system\settings folder
  3. Locate the main.js file.
  4. Copy this file to the \Web\content\custom\settings folder
  5. Open the copied file using a text editor such as Notepad
  6. Locate the following code
    Measurement Text Box
         DriveWorks.RegisterSetting('MTBUpdateIntervalSeconds', 1.5);
    Numeric Text Box
         DriveWorks.RegisterSetting('NTBUpdateIntervalSeconds', 1.5);
    Text Box
         DriveWorks.RegisterSetting('TBUpdateIntervalSeconds', 0.8);
  7. Change the 0.8 or 1.5 figure to the required time for the control to be updated
  8. Save and close the edited file.

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB12121027