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DriveWorks Pro 22

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Release Notes

DriveWorks 21 SP1

Supported Versions


SOLIDWORKS 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 are fully supported.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 are fully supported.

User Experience

Focused visual updates and enhancements add further functionality across DriveWorks.

Specification Macro Consistency

A Consistency property has been added to the Start Node of Specification Macros.

This determines whether DriveWorks tries to ensure that the user interface of a Specification is up-to-date before allowing a macro to run.


Continual development to support the management of an enterprise wide deployment.

CPQ Data Synchronization

Synchronize Account, Contact and Custom Item data between DriveWorks CPQ and your Third Party system with the CPQ Data Synchronization Project Template.

CPQ Data Synchronization creates a link between DriveWorks CPQ an external data source.

This allows existing data to be used without requiring to be manually entered prior to using DriveWorks CPQ.

Changes made in either system are synchronized based on a time stamp, to avoid conflict.

CPQ Data Synchronization is designed to perform two main functions:

  • Import data from a Third Party system into a the CPQ DriveApp
  • Synchronize changes made in DriveWorks CPQ, back to the Third Party system

Synchronization can be run on a schedule at a suitable time using the CPQ Data Sync job in the Scheduler DriveApp.

Scheduler Job Tagging

All Scheduler Jobs include an Autopilot Tag property to allow an Autopilot machine to be targetted from which the Job will be run.