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Licensing DriveWorks Live

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Licensing DriveWorks Live

The License Manager is essential for licensing DriveWorks Live.

The DriveWorks Live tab, in the License Manager, gives you an overview of all DriveWorks Live product codes that have been activated on the machine it is running on.

Licenses for previous versions of DriveWorks Live, that have been activated on the same machine, can also be viewed.

It also shows you information about active sessions in DriveWorks Live, with the option to forcefully end a session.

DriveWorks Live supports the following license types:
  • Centralized

    Centralized licenses are the number of allowable concurrent sessions served from the license manager.

  • OnDemand

    Used to allow an overrun on top of the available Centralized licenses.

Once the DriveWorks Live License has been activated, in the License Manager, DriveWorks Live can connect to the License Server to be licensed.

When DriveWorks Live is first launched, or the License Server cannot be reached, you will be prompted to connect to the License Server.

To connect to a shared license server enter the name of the machine the DriveWorks License Manager has been installed on.

For example:


If the machine has a valid URL the URL can be used instead of a machine name.

For example:


However we do not recommend having the License Manager on a machine exposed to the entire internet.

Where to Install DriveWorks License Management

DriveWorks License Management will manage Network Licenses for all DriveWorks Pro modules.

However it can be installed in one location to manage DriveWorks Live Licenses and another location to manage Network License for DriveWorks Administrator and DriveWorks User.

It should also be installed alongside each DriveWorks Pro module that uses Fixed Licenses so these Licenses can be returned if necessary.

Please see the section Multi-Application Deployment in the topic How To: Deploy DriveWorks Pro for typical deployment scenarios.

Add a DriveWorks Live License

From the DriveWorks Live tab of the License Manager:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Copy and paste the DriveWorks Live license code from the media you have received it.

    If manually entering the code please take care to enter it exactly as given.

  3. Click Next to enter Registration Information, check the box to accept the Privacy Policy.
  4. Click Next to activate.
  5. Click Finish when done.

To View and Return a License

Further information about the License can be seen by:

  1. Select the license that is to be returned and click View.

    To Return the License:

  2. Click Return License.
  3. Click Finish on the License Management wizard once it is complete.
A DriveWorks License code can be returned at most twice in any one day
The machine a license is returned from must be connected to the internet to make use of this feature.

Active Connections

Active Connections to DriveWorks Live are shown at the bottom of the DriveWorks Live tab.

This displays all current connections to the DriveWorks Live site.

The information displayed includes:

  • Server Name - the name of the machine running DriveWorks Live that the user is connected to.
  • Host Name - is the resolved name of the user connected to the DriveWorks Live server (Server Name).
  • Session Start - The time the connection was established
  • User Agent - The UA string of the browser or application that is connected to the DriveWorks Live server.

Connections can be forcefully dismissed by:

  1. Select the connection from the list.
  2. Click Disconnect.


DriveWorks Advanced filtering is available for the active connections.

For example:

To filter all sessions running on a particular server name, enter the following filter term in the filter box:

Server name: srv-dw-live

Where srv-dw-live is the name of the server (change to an appropriate server name).

To Change the Port License Management Uses

By default the DriveWorks Live License server runs on port 27080.

This can be changed by:

  1. Launch Windows Registry Editor (type regedit in the Windows search bar).
    Before editing the registry, right click the parent key and select Export.

    This ensures a backup exists to revert to if necessary.

  2. Locate one of the following keys:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DriveWorks\[Version]\Common\Licensing
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\DriveWorks\[Version]\Common\Licensing
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\DriveWorks\Common\Licensing
  3. Right click the Licensing key and select New > DWORD (32 bit) Value.
  4. Enter the name LiveFloatingLicenseServerPort
  5. Double click the new key, select Decimal as the Base type and enter the required port number in the field Value data.
  6. Click OK and close the Registry Editor.
This needs to be set on the machine running the License Manager and any machine running DriveWorks Live that needs to connect to the License Manager.
The port will also need to be allowed access through all Firewall applications hosted by each machine.

DriveWorks Live Licensing Messages

In the event of any issues with Live Licenses the following messages can be returned to the License Manager.

The license code has expired. (-10)Centralized Network (CN) License has Expired.
An unknown error has occurred. (-10)OnDemand (OD) License has Expired.
Unexpected license error code 'TrustedStorageRequiresRepair'. Please contact support (-157)Centralized Network (CN) License is Untrusted. Returning and re-activating the license may resolve this issue.  If not, please contact your DriveWorks reseller for assistance.
An unknown error has occurred. (-157))OnDemand (OD) License is Untrusted. Returning and re-activating the license may resolve this issue.  If not, please contact your DriveWorks reseller for assistance.
It's time to top up your payment. (524289)Your OnDemand (OD) License credit needs topping up. If you have purchased your DriveWorks Live OnDemand Licenses through a DriveWorks Reseller please contact them for assistance.

Otherwise please contact DriveWorks.

Unable to contact the DriveWorks OnDemand Server. (524290)Your DriveWorks Live License Server hasn’t been able to send data to DriveWorks for 3 Days.
The license code was not recognized, please contact support. (524291)Your DriveWorks Live License Server has tried sending data to DriveWorks, but DriveWorks didn't recognize your license. Please contact your DriveWorks reseller for assistance.
The DriveWorks OnDemand Server is temporarily unavailable, please try again later. (524292)Your DriveWorks Live License Server has tried sending data to DriveWorks, but DriveWorks is not responding. If this error persists, please contact your DriveWorks reseller.
Unexpected response from DriveWorks OnDemand Server, please contact support. (524293)Your DriveWorks Live License Server has tried sending data to DriveWorks, but received an unexpected response. If this error persists, please contact your DriveWorks reseller.

DriveWorks Live Licensing API

The DriveWorks Live Floating License Server exposes a RESTish API.

This can be used to expose license information, status, usage and session limits.

The URL to get to the DriveWorks Live license information is in the format:



<machinename> - is the name of the machine hosting the DriveWorks License Manager.

<portnumber> - is the port the DriveWorks Live License Manager has been set to use. This is 27080 by default.

The full URL will look like:


The following table lists the additional parameters that can be added to the end of the URL:

/Returns a text response in the format:

"DriveWorks Live {VERSION} ({CONFIGURATION}) Synchronization Server. {DateTime.UtcNow}"

/infoReturns a JSON array of object describing all major versions of DriveWorks that have been activated through a product code.
/info/MajorVersionExactly the same as above, but instead of an array returns the information specifically for the specified major version.

Or a status code of 404 if a product code has not been activated for the specified major version).

/statusReturn a JSON object describing the version of the Live Floating License Service.
/sessionsReturns a JSON array of objects describing currently active sessions ordered by the major version of DriveWorks.

The array returns the following elements along with their respective values:

  • serverName - is the host name of the machine running DriveWorks Live.
  • hostName - is the host name of the end user connected to DriveWorks Live.
  • sessionStarted - is the time the session was started in UTC.
  • id - is a GUID representing the session id
  • userAgent - is a list detailing the properties of the host browser
  • browser - is the name of the host browser

An example website that presents some of this information, titled "Dashboard", is included with the Integration Theme examples and shown below:

A live version of this site can be viewed in the following link Dashboard.

Obtaining DriveWorks Live License Information Using a REST Request

DriveWorks Live License information can be obtained using a REST request.

This can be consumed into a DriveWorks Project, for instance, by using the Send HTTP Request task.

The following table gives an example of the information required in the task properties:

Request URLhttp://company.driveworks-licensing:27080
Request Verb"Get"
Request Headers"/sessions"

A website, or DriveWorks Project, can be created using a REST Request to present the information into a dashboard, as below: