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3D Preview Service Location

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Configuring The 3D Preview Service Location

This is only necessary for DriveWorks versions 14.2 or earlier.

The DriveWorks.config file is a DriveWorks maintained file.

When DriveWorks is installed this file will be overwritten with the installed version.

It is important to take a backup of this file before and after making any custom modifications to it.

  • Taking a backup before modifying will give you a return point if anything goes wrong.
  • Taking a backup after your modification will allow you to compare the new Web.config file with the backup that contains your modifications. You will then be able to migrate your modifications into the new Web.config file.

Only when any of your projects, being specified in Personal Web Edition, contain the 3D Preview Box control does this setting need to be applied in the Web.config file.

The 3D Preview Service Location is defined in the DriveWorks.config file, for the Web Theme this is found in the location:

C:\ProgramData\DriveWorks\[DriveWorks Version Number]\Live\Themes\Web

The 3D Preview Service Location is the location (if local) or name of the computer running DriveWorks Autopilot that has 3D Preview enabled.

To change the 3D Preview Service location:

  1. Using Windows Explorer locate the config file for the theme being used and make a copy for back up purposes.
    The name of the config file depends on the Theme being used, for the:
    • Web Theme it is named %ProgramData%\DriveWorks\[version number]\Live\Themes\Web\DriveWorks.config
    • Application Theme it is named %ProgramData%\DriveWorks\[version number]\Live\Themes\Application\web.config
  2. Open the config file using notepad or a similar text editor.
  3. Locate the line below
    DriveWorks.config (Web theme)/ Web.config (App theme) file
    <preview serverName="localhost">
  1. Change the string "localhost" to the name of the machine hosting DriveWorks Autopilot.





The DriveWorks Autopilot that hosts the 3D Preview service is located on the local machine.


The DriveWorks Autopilot that hosts the 3D Preview service is located on the machine named AutopilotMachine.

The computer running DriveWorks Autopilot will require its Firewall settings adjusted to allow connection to the 3D Preview service. Please refer to Autopilot: 3D Preview Settings for more information.