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Captured Information

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The Captured Information task is used if the captured models and drawings have been moved and requires re-mapping, or if captured information is to be removed form the group.

The Captured Information list can be be filtered by using the filter at the top of the list.

Please see the topic How To Use Filters for more advanced filtering information.

To update captured information:

If all models in the group have the same relative file location then only the file location will need browsing to:

For example the models in the image below were all stored together in the folder C:\DriveWorks Pro Training\Old location

These have now been moved to the location C:\DriveWorks Pro Training\My New Location\Pressure Vessel

From the above images all models are kept together, only the folder location has changed.

  1. Right click the required folder from the folder tree on the left hand side of the window.
  2. Select change location. This will then enable you to browse to the new location of the folder.
  3. Click "OK" when the required folder has been selected.
  4. This will then update the captured information found in that location.

If any model is stored in a separate location then that model will require browsing to individually:

For example the captured models exist in individual folders, rather than in one common folder.

  1. Right click the required model from the model list.
  2. Select change location. This will then enable you to browse to the new location of the model.
  3. Click "Open" when the required model has been selected.
  4. This will then update the captured information for that model.
  5. Repeat for all other models.
When the majority of models are in the same location it may be quicker to use the folder tree first and then remap each individual model that still appears as missing.

To remove captured information:

Removing captured information removes all captured parameters and any rules applied to them.

If you wish to remove all of the captured information from a group

  1. Right click the folder from the folder tree and select delete references.

If you wish to remove the captured information of a model form a group

  1. Right click the model in the model list and select delete references.
The Missing files button will show all captured information that is missing from the group.

Show Missing Files Only

By default the captured information task will display all models and drawings captured into the group. Models and drawings that can be found will be displayed in a dark font. Models that cannot be found will be displayed in a red font.

If models or drawings have been copied to a new location, and still exist their original location they will be shown as being found. This can be changed by using the methods above.

Missing files only can be displayed by clicking the missing files button from the toolbar.

Refresh listed information

The displayed list of files in the group can be refreshed at any time by using the refresh button from the toolbar.

Data Management Filtering

Filtering is available throughout the Data Management Tool.

Filter boxes are found at the top of the file and file location columns in the main window of the following Data Management Tasks:

  • Captured Information.
  • Projects.
  • Specifications Information.
  • Released Files.
  • Released Master Files.

Specifications Information has a new column added which displays the Last Modified date and time of each specification made.

Specifications can be filtered based on the date they were created by entering the required date in the filter box.


To Filter the information select the Data Management Task for which the information is to be filtered.

Once the task has been selected all of the information about that task is presented in the main window. The information is presented in 2 separate columns, which represent:

  • File Location
  • File Information

If you require to filter based on file location, use the filter box above the left column of the main window.

If you require to filter based on file information, use the filter box above the right column of the main window.

  1. Enter the filter criteria in the appropriate filter box

The information in the corresponding column will be filtered to match the criteria entered.

Clear the Filter

Once a filter has been applied it can be cleared by:

A. Removing the characters from the Filter box by using the backspace or delete keys on the keyboard.


B. Clicking the clear button from the filter box (The black cross that appears once characters are entered).