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DriveWorks 9 greatly enhances the 3D experience when using DriveWorks in a web browser. SOLIDWORKS files can now be exported as Drive 3D files. Rules can then be built using 3D Workshop which is NEW functionality and which allows users to display configurable 3D content on the web. As a result 3D can now be previewed in most modern browsers. (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

New themes have been created and included in the release to allow more choice and configurability when using DriveWorks Live.

The concept of 'Embedded Child Specifications' has been introduced to allow much greater flexibility and configurability for projects incorporating multi-line specifications. This means that it is much easier to roll up items from other levels in to a top level contract/project and reflect the way in which many organizations need to work.

Performance across ALL modules has been improved, particularly on loading and when launching the rules builder.

Many customer suggestions and requests have been incorporated to enhance day to day usage of the software. Thank you to all who have submitted enhancement requests.

DriveWorks Administrator


  • New Outputs
  • Rule Builder & Rule Enhancements
  • User Form Enhancements
  • Child Specifications
  • Specification Flow Enhancements
  • Search Rules
  • New Special Variables
  • Updated Project File Format
  • SOLIDWORKS Enhancements

Please see DriveWorks Administrator What's New for details.

DriveWorks Tools


  • Project Conversion Tool
  • Data Management Tool

Please see DriveWorks Tools What's New for details.

DriveWorks 3D


  • DriveWorks 3D File Creation
  • DriveWorks 3D Workshop

Please see DriveWorks 3D What's New for details.

DriveWorks Live


  • Theme Modification
  • New Application Theme

Please see DriveWorks Live What's New for details.

DriveWorks Autopilot Enhancements


  • 3D Preview integration
  • Remote Control
  • Preview Service Location

Please see DriveWorks Autopilot What's New for details.

General Enhancements

  • The Application Event log in DriveWorks Administrator/User/Autopilot/Live can now be exported as a CSV file
  • Reports in the Specification Explorer are now ordered with the most recent reports first.