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How To: Automatically Launch a Dashboard Tile (KB23012601)

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How To: Automatically Launch a Dashboard Tile

There are two methods to control what page is displayed when a DriveApp is launched:

  • Start Parameter
  • Integration Theme

Start Parameter

This is limited to Dashboards, this method can't launch Projects or Lists.

You can set the Start Parameter with the name of the Dashboard you want to display:

  • Home|AllUserTeams=TRUE

    Will display the default Dashboard

  • CPQ|AllUserTeams=TRUE

    Will display the default CPQ Dashboard

  • CPQ Quotes and Orders|AllUserTeams=TRUE

    Will display the CPQ Quotes and Orders Dashboard

Please see Start Parameter for more information on DriveApp Start Parameters.

Integration Theme

This maintains the navigation, enabling users to go back to the root Dashboard.

When displaying DriveApps in the web, using the Integration Theme, you can trigger a click programmatically to launch a Dashboard Tile.

This makes use of a Specification Macro within the Dashboard that performs the Dashboard Tile click programmatically.

There are a few additional steps that need to be followed in order to run this Macro via the Integration Theme:

  1. Allow access to the Macro named 'LaunchTile' inside the Project named 'DriveApp-Dashboard'

    You will need to allow access to any Team that will be running the DriveApp

    <project name="DriveApp-Dashboard">
      <macro name="LaunchTile">
        <team name="Administrators"/>
  2. Add the following after the runDriveApp() method from the Integration Theme Client SDK.

    await DW_CLIENT.runMacro(GROUP_ALIAS, driveApp.id, { macroName: 'LaunchTile', macroArgument: '<tileIndex>' })

It is possible to stack runMacro() methods to step into multiple Dashboards.

However, this requires additional JavaScript to get the Id of the hosted Dashboard:

const hostedDriveAppId = await DW_CLIENT.getSpecificationConstantByName(GROUP_ALIAS, driveApp.id, 'EmbeddedDriveAppId');
await DW_CLIENT.runMacro(GROUP_ALIAS, hostedDriveAppId.value, { macroName: 'LaunchTile', macroArgument: '<tileIndex>' });

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KB23012601