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DriveWorks Pro 22
Clear Selection Allowed

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Clear Selection Allowed

The Clear Selection Allowed property controls if the data selected from the list control can be cleared by the user.

Property Type: Fixed

Default Value: False

Hierarchical Reference: ControlName.ClearSelectionAllowed

To clear any selection made during the running of a specification (can also be seen in Test mode)

  • The property must be set to True
  • Right click on the control and select Clear Selection
    Touch Devices

    The Clear Selection will be displayed as an option in List Box and Combo Box controls when viewed on Touch Devices.

Image shows this in action on a Combo box control, the action is identical for other list type controls.

When Clear Selection is used the behavior can be set by the property Selected Item Removed Behavior.

To Change the Default Value

The default value of the property can be changed by selecting the drop down list at the end of the property field

  1. Click in the property for the control to be changed
  2. Click the drop down button at the end of the property field
  3. Select the required value from the list


Clear Selection Allowed Property ValueResultNotes
FalseDoes not allow selections made in the list type control to be cleared.
TrueWill allow selections made in the list type control to be cleared.

Form Design

A type of control property where the value can only be set in the Form Designer (not by a rule).