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Converts the given values into a Border Radius property value with the default unit.


BorderRadius( [Top Left], [Top Right and Bottom Left], [Bottom Right] )


Top Left: The value to apply to the top left corner.

Top Right and Bottom Left: The value to apply to the top right and bottom left corners.

Bottom Right: The value to apply to the bottom right corner.



BorderRadius(10)Returns: 10px

When one value is given it is applied to all four corners.

BorderRadius(10, 20, 30)Returns: 10px 20px 30px 20px

When three values are given the second given value (20) is used for the Bottom Left position.

BorderRadius(0,5,10,15)Returns: 0px 5px 10px 15px

Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left.

BorderRadius(0,"5px","10%","15em")Returns: 0px 5px 10% 15em

Units can also be specified.

When no unit is given the value will default to px.