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Model Rules Advanced Feature Parameter Rules - Overview

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Model Rules Advanced Feature Parameter Rules - Overview

DriveWorks has the ability to drive advanced feature parameters of a large number of features. This topic outlines how to apply rules to the captured advanced feature parameter.

The advanced feature parameters have been split into various categories. Please refer to the See Also link below for more information on the type of advanced feature parameter required to be controlled.

Driving advanced feature dimensions increases model generation time. Where possible capture feature dimensions (distances, numbers and angles) as dimensions rather than an advanced feature parameter.

During model generation captured dimensions are driven before captured advanced feature parameters. If the advanced feature parameter has also been captured as a dimension the value being driven into the advanced feature parameter will override the captured dimension.

The following Advanced Features.

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DriveWorks Quick Tips: Advanced Feature Parameters

Advanced Feature Parameters give more control over the SOLIDWORKS models being driven. We can capture components of parts, such as the K-Factor value or the Reverse Direction check box. This video shows driving a helix to control a thread on a screw and driving the number of revolutions in that helix.

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