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File Formats

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File Formats

Whenever a part, assembly, or drawing is generated, DriveWorks can also save the model or drawing in a variety of other File Formats, for example, eDrawings, DXFs, and so on.

When DriveWorks generates the part, assembly, or drawing, it will automatically create the captured file formats.

The captured status of each available file format can be one of the following:

  • No - The File Format is not captured.
  • Yes - The File Format is captured and will be created each time the model is generated with the same name and location as its parent.
    For example, if a new file called "C:\DriveWorks\HydraulicCylinder\Results\Cylinder.sldprt" was created, and had eDrawings Part selected as a file format, then DriveWorks would also create a file called "C:\DriveWorks\HydraulicCylinder\Results\Cylinder.eprt".
  • With Rules - The File Format is captured but rules can dictate if it is to be created and the location it is stored. For some file formats additional parameters can be applied.

The exact file formats that are available depend on whether you are working with a part, assembly, or drawing.

Capture File Formats

File Formats can only be captured for parts, assemblies or drawings that have themselves been captured.

To choose one or more file formats:

  1. Open the captured part, assembly or drawing in SOLIDWORKS.
  2. Click the File Formats section in the capture assistant.
  3. Locate the required File Format from the list.
  4. From the Captured column, click the drop down icon and select the required capture status.

Export Formats

DriveWorks can automatically export to the following file formats:

DriveWorks 3DSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
ParasolidSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
Parasolid BinarySOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
IGESSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
STEPSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
ACISSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
VRMLSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
STLSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
eDrawing PartSOLIDWORKS Parts only.
Catia GraphicsSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
ProE PartSOLIDWORKS Parts only.
JPEGSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
HCGSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
HOOPS HSFSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
PDFSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
If you are creating PDFs from SOLIDWORKS drawings, then manually save the DriveWorks master drawing as a PDF.

In the SOLIDWORKS save dialog there is a checkbox called "View PDF after saving". Uncheck this and the setting will be retained for when DriveWorks creates the PDF.

TIFSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
Universal 3DSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
3D XMLSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
Microsoft XAMLSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
Exporting a model to this format will save the view orientated normal to the Front Plane.
Adobe IllustratorSOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.
eDrawing AssemblySOLIDWORKS Assemblies only.
ProE AssemblySOLIDWORKS Assemblies only.
IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies.

To set export formats:

  1. Open the master model in SOLIDWORKS
  2. From the File menu of SOLIDWORKS select Save As
  3. From the Save as type field select the file format the model is to be saved
  4. Click the Options button
  5. From the Export Options dialog choose the required format for the export
  6. Set the required options and Click OK to save, and click cancel to cancel the save as operation.
This operation must be done on any machine that will generate models and drawings for any specification.

Other file types that can be created from the source file.