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DriveWorks Pro 22
Auto Recover

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Auto Recover

DriveWorks Administrator can be set to Auto Recover the current project after a set amount of minutes.

The setting is available from General Settings.

By default the Auto Recover interval is set to 20 minutes. This can be changed by:

  1. In DriveWorks Administrator click the settings button from the menu bar.
  2. With the General Settings category selected, click the Auto Recover interval drop down from the Auto Recover section.
  3. Select the required interval from the list.
  4. Click OK to apply and close the Settings dialog.

Auto Recover is a machine level setting and will be applied to all groups opened in DriveWorks Administrator on the machine the setting is applied.

Loading an Auto Recovered Project

When a project is opened and a more recent version exists, you will be prompted to load the more recent version.

  • Click Yes to load the most recent version.
  • Click No to load the last saved version.

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