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DriveWorks Pro 22

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Returns a table array of the files matching the search criteria.

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional plugin must be installed and enabled for this function to calculate.


PDMFileSearch([Search Text])


Search Text is a string that contains the search criteria (use % as a wildcard).


PDMFileSearch("MainDriveAssembly.sldasm"){"Name","FilePath","Version","State","Checked Out To","Checked Out On"; "MainDriveAssembly.sldasm","C:\PDMVaultStandardFiles","2","Checked In","",""}Returns a table array of results.

Using a Wildcard

This function allows for a wildcard (%).

A wildcard is used to replace or represent one or more characters.

For Example:

PDMFileSearch("%DriveWorks 123%")

will return a table array of information for all files that contain DriveWorks 123 any where within the string, such as:

  • Ladder DriveWorks 123.sldprt
  • DriveWorks 123 Ladder.sldasm
  • Main DriveWorks 123 Ladder.sldasm