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DriveWorks Pro 22
Easing Curves

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Easing Curves

Easing Curves are used for DriveWorks 3D to perform animations on entities such as Animate Translation, Rotation and Scale.

Ease In Linear CurveEase Out Linear CurveEase In Out Linear CurveEase Out In Linear Curve
In LinearOut LinearInOut LinearOutIn Linear
Linear easing curves are the same for all easing methods as shown above.
Ease In Sine CurveEase Out Sine CurveEase In Out Sine CurveEase Out In Sine Curve
In SineOut SineInOut SineOutIn Sine
Ease In Quadratic CurveEase Out Quadratic CurveEase In Out Quadractic CurveEase Out In Quadratic Curve
In QuadraticOut QuadraticInOut QuadraticOutIn Quadratic
Ease In Cubic CurveEase Out Cubic CurveEase In Out Cubic CurveEase Out In Cubic Curve
In CubicOut CubicInOut CubicOutIn Cubic
Ease In Circle CurveEase Out Circle CurveEase In Out Circle CurveEase Out In Circle Curve
In CircleOut CircleInOut CircleOutIn Circle
Ease In Quartic CurveEase Out Quartic CurveEase In Out Quartic CurveEase Out In Quartic Curve
In QuarticOut QuarticInOut QuarticOutIn Quartic
Ease In Quintic CurveEase Out Quintic CurveEase In Out Quintic CurveEase Out In Quintic Curve
In QuinticOut QuinticInOut QuinticOutIn Quintic
Ease In Exponential CurveEase Out Exponential CurveEase In Out Exponential CurveEase Out In Exponential Curve
In ExponentialOut ExponentialInOut ExponentialOutIn Exponential
Ease In Back CurveEase Out Back CurveEase In Out Back CurveEase Out In Back Curve
In BackOut BackInOut BackOutIn Back
Ease In Elastic CurveEase Out Elastic CurveEase In Out Elastic CurveEase Out In Elastic Curve
In ElasticOut ElasticInOut ElasticOutIn Elastic
Ease In Bounce CurveEase Out Bounce CurveEase In Out Bounce CurveEase Out In Bounce Curve
In BounceOut BounceInOut BounceOutIn Bounce