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DriveWorks V17 SP0 Information

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DriveWorks V17 SP0 Information

32bit (x86) Support

32bit (x86) operating systems are not supported for DriveWorks 17.

Only 64bit (x64) operating systems are supported from DriveWorks 17 onwards.

DriveWorks Live Licensing

When licensing DriveWorks Live, license codes are entered through the DriveWorks Live tab of the DriveWorks License Manager.

Once the DriveWorks Live License has been activated, in the License Manager, DriveWorks Live can connect to the License Server to be licensed.

When DriveWorks Live is first launched, or the License Server cannot be reached, you will be prompted to connect to the License Server.

To connect to a shared license server enter the name of the machine the DriveWorks License Manager has been installed on.

For example:


If the machine has a valid URL the URL can be used instead of a machine name.

For example:


However we do not recommend having the License Manager on a machine exposed to the entire internet.

Please see Licensing DriveWorks Live for more information.