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DriveWorks Pro 22
Specification Properties

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Specification Properties

Specification Properties have been in DriveWorks for a number of years and are a way of displaying data from a specification in the Specification Explorer based on rules.

They now have two additional uses:

  1. Outputs for Child Specification List controls.
  2. A way of gathering data from child specifications to be rolled up into a parent specification.

Child Specification List Outputs

Previously when configuring a Child Specification List control it was only possible to select a Variable as an output to be passed back to the parent.

Now Specification Properties can also be used as an output in a Child Specification List control.

By default, any columns that are added will have their output name set to Auto.

Auto means that it will look for a Specification Property with the same name as the column and use that if available.

If there is no matching Specification Property with that name then there will be no value for that output.

If a Specification Property with a name different to the column name is required then one can be selected from the drop down.

Specification Properties and Variables have different icons displayed next to them in the output selector drop down to help distinguish between the different types of output.

Gathering Data From Child Specifications

Rollup Data Tables were introduced in DriveWorks 12 and they provide a way of gathering data from child specifications into a parent specification.

When a Specification Property has the same name as a column in a Rollup Data Table the value will be automatically passed from the child project into the table in the parent.

Utilizing a Rollup Data Table at the Child Specification List level, and Specification Properties at the child project level allows for minimum setup, as it will automatically pass the required data into the Child Specification List.