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DriveWorks Pro 22

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The Pro Server task allows Server Control, New Group Creation, Server Management and Feedback Reporting.

Group Administration Login Information

This section affects the following:

  • Upgrading groups from earlier Versions (not service packs)
    Upgrading groups from earlier versions will require the credentials entered here.

    If this is left blank the default username will be Admin without any password.

  • The creation of new shared groups

    This setting restricts the creation of new shared groups.

    It adds another security level to prevent users of DriveWorks Administrator creating shared groups on the pro server, when working in a multi-administrator environment.

    Enter a default Username and Password for the creation of Shared Groups.

    If this is left blank the default username will be Admin without any password.

Groups in Microsoft SQL Server

The Groups in Microsoft SQL Server section shows the DriveWorks Shared Groups that are stored in the SQL Server instance that Pro Server is connected to.

The list will display:

  • The Name of the group.
  • The Version of the group. This number corresponds to the major version number of DriveWorks.
  • The Owner of the group. This is the name of the machine the group is hosted on.
  • Currently Hosted By This Service. This will indicate the following:
    • Yes, Hosted by this server.
    • No, Pro Server requires the group to be upgraded prior to it being hosted by this server.

Groups hosted in a Cloud Service

Driveworks supports Azure SQL Server for hosting Shared Groups.

Please see Microsoft Azure for more information.

Refresh List

This will refresh the list of Groups in Microsoft SQL Server.

When you select "Refresh List" the UI will not always be updated immediately. This is because the Pro Server has been set to scan the state of its Groups every 30 seconds and will display an updated Refresh List after completing the scan.

Upgrade, Force Ownership or Force Ownership and Upgrade

This button will change to one of the following:

  • Upgrade - when the selected Group requires upgrading to the installed version of DriveWorks Pro Server.
  • Force Ownership - when the selected Group is not owned by the DriveWorks Pro Server.

    Force Ownership

    Force Ownership will be displayed when the Group is hosted by another DriveWorks Pro Server Service.

    We recommend having only one instance of DriveWorks Pro Server installed.

  • Force Ownership and Upgrade - when both of the above apply to the selected Group.

Delete Group

We highly recommend taking a backup before deleting any DriveWorks data.

Please see How To: Backup a SQL Database for more information.

  1. Select the Group to be deleted from the Groups in Microsoft SQl Server list.
  2. Click the Delete button

    The Delete Group button will be inactive until a Group has been selected that is owned by the DriveWorks Pro Server.