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DriveWorks Pro 22
Button Text Reset Duration

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Button Text Reset Duration

Specifies the number of seconds to display the Text (Success) or Text (Error) value after copying, before reverting to the default Text value. If the value is set to 0, DriveWorks will not automatically revert the success or error text to the control's default value.

Available for the Clipboard Button control.

Property Type

Property Type: Static

A Static property can be made Dynamic (to control the value from a rule).

See Change a Static Property to a Dynamic Property.

Default Value

When the control is added the Default Value of this property will be set to 2.

Change this to False to disable the menu.

To change the default Static value:

Ensure the property is a static property (It will display the gray orb alongside the property name).

The default value of the static property can be changed by:

  1. Click in the property for the control to be changed
  2. Choose the required value.

To build a rule to control the value:

See Build a Rule for the Dynamic Property.

Value set in Form Designer. Static properties can be made Dynamic by double clicking the gray radio button.