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DriveWorks Pro 22

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The following improvements, most created in direct response to customer requests, focuses on helping you get your work done faster and easier than ever before.

DriveWorks Live

Real-Time Server updates automatically pushed to the browser.

Edit a Specification in a new browser tab while viewing the Specification Details in another tab.

Trigger Specification Macros at set intervals to create dynamic projects and 3D previews.

DriveWorks CPQ

New DriveWorks CPQ Template

  • CPQ template automatically refreshes to show latest data
  • Automatically update 3D preview
  • Create dashboards for active reporting and data visualization

DriveWorks 3D

New camera views, interactive motion, real-world lighting and textures added. Use multiple controllable cameras to navigate your 3D model.

Configure products and show complex design details in dynamic 3D.

New Specification Tasks for directly driving a drive3d document including saving the real time results back to the specification:

Quickly build 3D layouts with the Duplicate Node and Delete Node Tasks:

DriveWorks 3D Functions

New functions for retrieving the results of changes made dynamically in a 3DPreview control:

DriveWorks 3D Performance

  • Deferred rendering enables unlimited scene lighting
  • UX improvements make it easier than ever to setup and edit realistic 3D Previews
  • View your model and cameras whilst editing your 3D document using Preview Mode
  • Align textures for realistic mapping using Pan Texture
  • Preview appearances and geometry as you setup and edit 3D documents
  • Pan the view in DriveWorks Live using the scroll button click or gestures on touch devices


DriveWorks fully supports SOLIDWORKS 2018 up to SP2


  • Pro Server Configuration Tool - set which User runs the service and check whether the user has the correct permissions in SQL.


  • Sending personal information is an option on all dialogs that send information.

DriveWorks General Performance

  • Calculation Tables - Performance improvements for viewing, editing and exporting.
  • Data Tables - Dynamic updates to large amounts of data made significantly faster.


Easily Clear the log from all profiles.


Generation Tasks

Full Copy and Paste support.

11 New or Enhanced Generation Tasks:


New Functions

New Specification Tasks

The following tasks have had outputs added for use with the new Specification Macros:

Specification Macros

Powerful new features and a redesigned editor make it easy to setup, edit and troubleshoot Specification Macros.

  • Use conditions to run different Tasks
  • Control the flow of Tasks
  • Share information between Tasks
  • Run different Tasks if a warning or error occurs