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How To: Create a Drive3D File (KB17031501)

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How To: Create a Drive3D File


To create a DriveWorks 3D File from a SOLIDWORKS model the model must be saved as a DriveWorks 3D File

  1. Open the SOLIDWORKS Part or Assembly in SOLIDWORKS
  2. Select Save As from the File menu in SOLIDWORKS
  3. Select DriveWorks 3D File (*.drive3d) from the Save as type field
  4. Browse to a location to store the DriveWorks 3D File, enter a name and click Save

The File Name will be automatically populated with the name of the SOLIDWORKS model the file is being created from.

This can be changed by typing a new name in the File Name field.

Enable DriveWorks 3D in SOLIDWORKS

To enable the DriveWorks 3D File format to be listed in the SOLIDWORKS> File> Save as option:

  • Install any DriveWorks Pro module on a machine that has SOLIDWORKS installed.
  • Ensure the DriveWorks 3D Export add-in is selected in SOLIDWORKS.

Considerations for the SOLIDWORKS model that is to be saved as a DriveWorks 3D File:

Suppressed Components

Any components that are suppressed in the SOLIDWORKS Model being converted will not be available in the DriveWorks 3D File.

Hidden components

Any Components that are hidden in the SOLIDWORKS Model being converted will be shown in the DriveWorks 3D File.


When exporting a SOLIDWORKS Assembly, with Sub-Assemblies and Parts that have configurations, the file will be exported with the geometry shown in the last saved configuration of the parts and sub-assemblies. This may not be the same geometry shown in the Top Level SOLIDWORKS Assembly.

To ensure the exported assembly matches the native assembly save all parts and sub-assemblies in the configuration to be used in the assembly.

From Other Formats

To create a drive3D file from other formats (Stereo Lithography (STL) files, open DriveWorks 3D Viewer.

  1. Select the Menu icon and select Open.
  2. From the dialog, change the File name type drop down to: Stereo Lithography Files (*.stl).
  3. Locate and select the STL file to open in the Viewer.
  4. Once open select the Menu icon and select Save as.
  5. Ensure the Save as type: is set to DriveWorks 3D Files (*.drive3d).
  6. Enter a name and select the location to save the file.
  7. Click Save

Knowledge Base Article Ref:KBKB17031501