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Web Theme

The Web Theme is designed to provide a true web experience with the flexibility of further customization. It supports the following features:

  • The ability to change the website appearance and page behavior by choosing pre-loaded Skins.
  • The ability to give each page additional functionality by adding pre-loaded Modules.
  • Additional advanced customization from designing and writing your own skins and modules (see Further Customization).

The Web Theme can have various levels of customization applied, this ranges from:

  • Configuring the 3D Preview Service location (only required if using the 3D Preview Box Control). See 3D Preview Service Location for more information.
  • Add an image and change the text on the Project selection page. See Project Image, Name and Description for more information.
  • Choose a different skin to be applied to the web theme. See Skins for more information.
  • Add and rearrange module layout on the default pages. See Modules for more information.

This level of Modification can only be done using the Web Theme as a starting point.

To Select the Web Theme

The Theme can be changed from the following applications:

  • DriveWorks Administrator - by opening a Group and then selecting Stage 2: Specification> Personal Web edition (this becomes Stage 6. Specification> Personal Web Edition if you have a project open).
  • DriveWorks Live - by opening a Group and then selecting Stage 2: Specification> Live

Complete the following steps to change the Theme:

Personal Web Edition or DriveWorks Live must be stopped before Theme Configuration can be launched. This can be done from the application you are using by:

  • From DriveWorks Administrator - Stage 2: Specification> Personal Web edition (Stage 6. Specification> Personal Web Edition when a project open).
  • From DriveWorks Live - Stage 2: Specification> Live

Click Stop from the command bar.

  1. Click the Theme button from the command bar
  2. Select the required Theme from the Theme configuration dialog.
  3. Click Finish

Once the Web Theme is active you can choose the skin to apply.

See Skins for more information.

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