DriveWorks Pro 15: Delete Simple Table Rows [send feedback...]

Delete Simple Table Rows

The Delete Simple Table Rows task will delete the specified rows from the nominated Simple Table Name.


Property NameDescriptionExample
Field NamesThe column names to match against, delimited by pipe bars "|"."Country"
Match ValuesThe values to match against based on the fields specified in the 'Filed Names' property. Values should be delimited by pipe bars "|"."Germany"
Table NameThe name of the Simple Table to remove rows from.Customers
TitleChanges the Title (not the name) of the task.Delete Simple Table Rows

Example Data

IDCompany NameCityCountry
1Amazon WarriorsStrasbourgFrance
2TT TigersOldenburgGermany
3Super JetsTrevisoItaly
4Munich MarshallsMunichGermany
5Super LeagueGranadaSpain

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DriveWorks Tech Tips Portal is available to DriveWorks Pro customers with an active subscription and support contract.

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To access the portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your DriveWorks Pro account credentials, if asked
  3. Click the Visit Tech Tips Portal button for access

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